Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Why I Didn't Dress Twice Today

This will undoubtedly sound like a funny story to many of you...and in retrospect, it does to me, too...but it was nearly a disaster earlier today.

After dressing in the outfit displayed in the previous post, doing some photography, and beginning the pre-posting editing of same, I decided to go get a haircut. I really needed one and it would also make the new wig fit better. So I changed into male clothes and went out. The haircut took longer than expected and so I got back to the house later than anticipated, which meant I was rushing a bit to get into the second set of clothes. As I was adjusting my fake boobs--water-filled balloons--one of them burst! It drenched the bra and the top I was wearing and sent probably a pint of water all over the bedroom floor. So I went into the bathroom to start cleaning up...and as I started to remove the bra, the other one popped as well! Now I had two floors to mop up!

Now, a lot of this is my own damned fault--I'd been using the same pair of balloons for several weeks, and the latex had probably gotten pretty weak. Plus, if I'd taken my time, it wouldn't have happened either.

It all meant that there wasn't time to make a new set of boobs and all the other stuff needed to dress, so I gave it up for the day. Maybe tomorrow...

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