Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Training of Gwen: Journal Entry #1

I told Gwen I wanted her to wear panties and heels whenever possible, even with her male attire. I also told her I wanted regular journal entries on her experiences and feelings. Here is her initial report:

September 15 2010
First day to wear black panties during the afternoon. No heels yet. The wife is running errands during the afternoon, so I wear the panties from about one to five. Wore them to get the mail. Always aware they are there.

September 20 2010
Second day with the black panties. Still have not decided how to wear heels. Wore the panties during the afternoon. The wife usually uses the afternoon to run errands. This time forgot about them after about an hour. Just seems normal.

September 22 2010
The wife goes to school this afternoon. Still wearing the black panties. Now keeping in the top drawer of my dresser so I don’t have to take down the storage carton with the black foundations. Still considering how to wear heels. Has to be on days when I am barefoot.

September 27 2010
Changed to white panties this afternoon. Have decided that the black heeled slippers are the best way to go. Wear both for about four hours this afternoon. Sitting and writing most of the day. Later in the afternoon decide to go for pizza. The wife will be back late. This involves driving about twenty minutes each way. Keep the panties on and while I am ordering and waiting for the pizza wonder about the experience.

September 29 2010
White panties and black heel slippers today. Wondering about the medical exam on Friday. Able to wear until 4 or so when I have to get ready for my night class. The panties are becoming second nature while the heels are hard to forget.

I have informed Gwen I want more details, such as the fabric and laciness of her panties, the height of her heels. I am considering challenging her to more daring activities. Her next actual photography session--in maid's uniform--has been postponed until the end of the month.

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