Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Training of Gwen: Journal Entry #3

Gwen slightly edited an earlier entry and then posted some new thoughts:

Monday and Wednesday
October 4 and 6
Black panties both afternoons. They are regular cut (50s) with full bottom. Black satin with lace banding around the waist. Still wearing the black slippers with two inch heel. Right now they are easy to get off if necessary. Still warm enough for shorts, so wore only my top with the panties and slippers (with shorts standing by). After an hour or so it seemed perfectly normal. Will look into a different pair of heels for next week. The wife is usually running errands in the afternoon but I have plenty of time to put slippers in the closet and my shorts back on if necessary.


October 13
Did my work this afternoon wearing the black panties (50s) and the black slippers. Slowly moving toward the holidays and not being able to dress in any meaningful way. It is a source of disappointment but it holds life’s truths about patience and persistence.

Wednesday and Thursday
October 20 and 21
The wife has taken a short trip and I had hoped to accomplish some Stepton training. But work on the outside of the house made it impossible. However, I was able to dress for the evening on both days. On Wednesday, I wore the blue niightie with matching drape and black slippers. On Thursday, I wore the pink nightie and matching jacket with pink slippers. On both nights I added the short auburn wig and black ribbon decoration. Then walked around outside and sat on our backyard bench for a time. It was almost warm with a light breeze. It was nice to imagine doing this for a full day at a time.

October 22
The wife is still away until evening and am now wearing long pants. So, I spent the afternoon in the white panties with the ruffled bottom, white satin garter belt and white lace topped stockings under my pants. Drove to pick up the mail this way. Thought about adding the white bullet bra under my shirt but didn’t do it this time.

October 25
Writing email this morning to Madame Dani wearing a pink short nightie. Can only do this briefly today, before I take my late morning shower. November through January is a hard time for dressing even for short periods of time. But wearing things under my clothes gets somewhat easier.

Gwen still hasn't added lipstick to her androgynous dressing sessions. I will continue to press her on it. I am pleased to see her take the dare of driving with lingerie on...but I want her to try it with heels as well.

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