Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pink, Pink, Pink

I've done this before but not to this extent. This time, I not only added the pink wig to the outfit, but all the makeup is pink as well--blush, lipsticks, eyes. The tights are new. This all came about because I got an unexpected chance to dress Saturday night, while wife is on a business trip and son went out for the night.

Other accessories are white hair bow, a new purple/pink belt, pink scarf, silver jewelry, frilly socks (because the tights are footless), and fuchsia pink pumps.

Here's a portrait, too. Another note--for the first time, I played with the way one of my wigs falls: I gathered all the hair together and tied it back, then draped it over one shoulder.

I'm glad I don't use the pink blush generally--I think it's far too harsh on my skin. The bronze I normally use works much better.

Oh...and I got out on my thrift-shop browse today, too. Found three nice skirts, but no suitable tops of any kind. You'll see those in a week for so, when I get a chance to pull out stuff from the locker to go with them.

More pics on Flickr.

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