Thursday, February 3, 2011

Playing With Pictures...and More

All last month, as I was doing other things, I also was working on improving my ability to manipulate photos to make myself look better. (I'm never going to do this as part of my record of my feminized life, but it's fun to see how I could look.) I've been working hard at making the alterations more realistic and also play with parts of the image I haven't before.

I'll be posting all of the work over the next few days, but let me start with the one I think came out best and show you everything I did. First, here's the original and final images side-by-side:

Now, what did I do to get to that point? I began by trying to recreate what my jawline and neck looked like when I didn't have a double chin. Since my chin is still pretty solid, I was able to use that to define my natural jaw. Then I narrowed my neck, to recreate what it looked like back when I was about 50 pounds lighter. A little judicious shading and voila! Here's another side-by-side comparison of the relevant parts of the images.

I've done work on my waist before, but this time I wanted to keep it within I was very careful to make the curves gentle and not too restrictive. The idea was to make it look either like my natural waist or a just a good girdle. Here's the comparison.

Last was my legs...this was something I've always done and it's quite simple--just isolate the legs and then stretch them a little. I'm always careful not to overdo this--the idea is to make them look long and sexy, not cartoonish:

Your thoughts and comments are always welcome, of course.

Now, about the more:

I did some online and in-person shopping over the past two days. I ordered a jacket and skirt from Fashion Bug to start. I'm not sure the jacket will fit, actually; it's from their junior line, but I'm going to give it a shot. I also ordered two pairs of shoes--one red, one blue--from Payless. All of those will be in sometime next week, I think.

I shopped this afternoon in the local Goodwill store, and for the first time found a few things I liked--two skirts and a blouse. Those I'll be able to model for you all in my next photo session.

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