Monday, June 24, 2013

June Bug 20

The leg show continues, although this skirt is not quite as short as some of the others you've seen and will see.

The crisp white blouse is by Lee Rider, bought at Kmart in August 2008; the denim skirt is from Target's Merona line in August 2008; the shoes are Predictions "Karmen" blue patent pumps from Payless in June 2013. Other accessories are shiny bow, scarf, red jewelry, and white belt. I'm going bare-legged again in muggy weather.

A note on lighting for this set and the next ~ trying to keep the temperature down in the photo venue, I went with only the flash and daylight from the window. It seems to have created a somewhat softer look.

That softer look applies to the portraits as well:

More pics on Flickr; even more legs later today.

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