Monday, June 10, 2013

June Bug 9

New clothes again. Friday night...killing some time before an appointment...I did some browsing and turned up an entire new outfit for under nine dollars!

Purple top ~
Manufacturer/line/store: Naturally (Foreman Mills)
Date: June 2013

White skirt ~
Manufacturer/line/store: New York & Co. (Foreman Mills)
Date: June 2013

Accessories are gold jewelry and gold belt; the shoes are Lela Rose Unforgettable Moments "Nathalie" white pumps from Payless in April 2010. It's very hot and muggy here, so I went with bare legs.

I forgot to include this portrait when I posted this morning!

More pics on Flickr; another outfit (also with a lot of leg showing) later on.

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