Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June Bug--an adventure

This morning I went browsing in a bunch of stores for clothes ~ browsing only, because cash is short right now. I was just looking at a few places I hadn't checked in a while and one that I've never looked in before.

Why is thia an "adventure"? Because I went in what Stana recently described as mid-femme mode. I wore panties, knee-high hose, and a lacy cami, under the blue blouse I wore yesterday and blakc male jeans, and my black patent kitten heel shoes. I also wore the necklace you can see in the pics from yesterday, and pink lip gloss. The blouse was open enough to see that and a hint of the cami.

I went to the following places, all in the same shopping center: DSW Shoes (nothing there, really ~ even on clearance, their prices remain out of my range for the most part); Marshall's (more in my range, pricewise, but nothing in my style or size); Burlington Coat Factory (some nice skirts in my size and price range, a few cute shoes as well); and Wal-Mart (a total loss ~ the clothing section in this store seems smaller than that in other Wal-Marts).

The big surprise was K&G Fashion! Lots of lovely skirts and dresses, suits for as little as $50, and a good selection of attractive shoes in size 11, at prices ranging from $20 to $40, comparable to Payless...but designer names! When some extra money comes in, this is definitely a place I must return to!

As for the adventure: Well, it was a thrill to hear my heels click on the sidewalk as a I went from store to store and on the tile in the stores. No one seemed to notice me at all ~ with one exception: As I was checking to see if a pair of shoes would fit in Burlington, a guy walked by the end of the aisle. He looked toward me and seemed to stop for a second. Nothing said, no nasty looks, just a realization that I was another guy trying on a pair of high heels, I think.

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