Monday, September 5, 2016

Ms. Gilbert's Academy: Adult Re-Education

January 17:

Marie Anderson smiled as she opened the envelope and read the letter with the now-familiar letterhead:

Ms. Gilbert's Academy
A Co-ed Facility for
the Feminine Arts

Just five months ago, she had put her son, Nicholas, through the Academy's program and he had emerged as her beautiful daughter, Nicole. Now, at the urging of Ms. Gilbert, she had placed her fiance, Jesse, in the capable hands of the school's faculty. The letter began:

Dear Mrs. Anderson:

I am pleased to inform you that the acquisition and early training of the lovely Jessica, nee Jesse, has gone splendidly.

As you know, it was necessary to deceive your intended as to the nature of our facility, and so he received what he believed to be an invitation to an exclusive spa. On some level, thanks to our hypnotic training, he still believes that to be the case and experiences the changes in both his mind and body as merely a part of the spa's program.

I have enclosed a few photos of Jessica at the first two stages of the process, as well as a letter from the poor dear herself, providing her view of the training and cosmetic procedures she has undergone.

As ever,

Marie opened the inner envelope, and gazed at the first picture. It showed her beloved fiance, still in his male suit, but with the most beautifully feminine face...and the tell-tale glazed eyes of all the Academy's, students.

She scanned his letter:

Dearest Marie,

I must say I was surprised by your pre-nuptial gift...especially the manner of its delivery! When that van pulled into my drive and those two gorgeous women emerged, I had no idea what was going on. When they explained that you had arranged for a four-week stay at the Gilbert Spa for Relaxation and Reformation, I realized this was just one more indication of your love for me!

I was surprised again when they insisted I wear a blindfold for the trip, but I acquiesced, figuring it was all just part of the fun.

When I arrived, the blindfold was removed, and I found myself seated in what appeared to be some sort of salon. A middle-aged woman entered and introduced herself, in a German accent, as Dr. Madchenmacher. While my eyes were still adjusting to the brightness of the salon, she directed my attention to a screen on the far wall and began talking softly and monotonously to me.

"Just watch the colors, liebchen," she said. "Watch and relax and prepare yourself for our procedures. We will make you feel wundabar, my dear!" I faded in and out as she spoke and eventually seemed to fall asleep.

I have no idea how long I slept, but I did wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed. Dr. Madchenmacher spun my chair around to face a mirror. "Look at the beginnings of your new self," she said.

It was my face, but changed. It looked feminine, sexy, yet somehow I knew it was precisely how I should look.

Oh--the doctor is at the door now for my next therapy session. I'll close now and send you another letter later.

All my love,

Marie looked at the other picture. Jesse wore a gray suit suit with a short nipped-waist jacket and high-waisted slacks. The top beneath the jacket was a black sweater. He still had a flat chest, but his waist was considerably narrower...and she suspected he was wearing heels, as well. A note was attached:

Here's Jessica in her first fully feminine outfit. Yes, it's still a jacket and slacks, but we find it's best to ease the poor dears into sissyhood gently. And you should see how prettily she minces in her four-inch heels. By the time she comes home, she'll never want to wear heels of less than six inches!


Marie closed the note and sighed. Nicole had turned out so wonderfully she could hardly wait for Jessica to return...and move into her bed as a devoted male lesbian lover and servant!


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It's nice to see the new story about gendee role reversal. I like concept of "male lesbian". ;)