Sunday, September 18, 2016

Ms. Gilbert's Academy: Adult Re-Education, conclusion

April 16:

Instead of a mailed report, Marie received an invitation to attend the Academy's spring commencement and see the final results of her fiance's transformation in person. She was especially eager to see how they had followed her instructions for the last set of physical alterations.

"Mrs. Anderson!" exclaimed Ms. Gilbert as she was escorted into her office. "How lovely to see you again...and how is Nicole?"

"Nicole is well...she is developing into quite a cock-tease and has many of the boys at her school panting after her," Marie replied. "I am recommending your school to the mothers of some of those boys, by the way."

"We'd be happy to accept them," Ms. Gilbert said, smiling. "But I know why you are here--you want to see how your fiance is coming along." She pressed a button on her desk. "Tiffany, have Jessica come in, please."

Moments later, Marie gasped as she saw her lover. Jessica was now a spectacular blonde, with a massive pair of knockers shown off in the pastel-blue, low-cut chemise she wore. It was accented, as always now, by her shiny metal collar."Mistress Marie," the top-heavy lovely said, "I am, like, so happy to see you! {giggle} Can I kiss you?"

"As you requested," Ms. Gilbert whispered, "her intelligence has been reduced to that of a somewhat dim 16-year-old."

"Of course you may, sweetie," Marie answered. Jessica embraced her mistress and opening her mouth, plunged her tongue deep in Marie's mouth, simultaneously caressing Marie's tits and crotch.

"Her sex-drive is also much increased," Ms. Gilbert explained. "Jessica is, for all intents and purposes, a sex-obsessed male lesbian bimbo. Of course, her attraction is almost completely for you."

Marie broke off the passionate kiss and said, "How perfect! I'll schedule the wedding for June!"

June 5:

Marie admired herself in the mirror. She was sleek in a black satin column gown, the perfect look for the female half of a woman-led marriage to be married in. Her sissy son, Nicole, entered, pouting. "When you said I would be the maid of honor to both of you," he said, "I thought I would finally be allowed something more grown-up." He was dressed in an outfit more suited to a first communion--a lacy white dress over acres of petticoats, with lacy socks and white patent mary-janes with a three-inch heel.

"Don't be silly, sweetie," Marie replied, "you know you love looking like a pretty little girl." It was true, he did, but he longed for other fashions as well.

There was a knock at the door. Nicole opened it and the justice of the peace, the Honorable Roberta Howard, entered. "We're all set, Marie. Your boy-bride is waiting."

Marie went in to stand at the front of the room just as the wedding march--Helen Reddy's "I Am Woman"--began to play and Jessica appeared at the far end of the aisle. She wore a low-cut, simple white satin gown that amply displayed her knockers...and let the bulge in her panties show a bit as well. She began her walk down the aisle, sashaying in the bimbo-ish manner she'd been trained to use...aided by the vibrating butt-plug deep in her ass-pussy.

She reached the front and Judge Howard said the required legal words. Then she turned to Marie. "There is one more element to the ceremony, I believe."

Marie produced a length of strong pink satin ribbon. "Turn around, Jessica." She tied her new male wife's hands behind her back. "With this, I bind you to me as my wife and lover," she intoned. Then she whirled Jessica back and around and gave her a long and lingering kiss, but not before whispering, "Come for me...."

The congregation applauded as a dark wet stain began to appear on the front of Jessica's gown. The marriage had been consummated.


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