Friday, September 9, 2016

Ms. Gilbert's Academy: Adult Re-Education, continued

March 3:

The new package from the Academy seemed different than the others. Marie opened it and found not a set of photos, but a DVD with the letters.

Dear Mrs. Anderson:

In your reply to my last report, you expressed interest in "milking". I have included a recording of our two latest such sessions with Jessica. This one added the concept of bondage and gagging. Jessica had a vibrating butt-plug inserted to stimulate her prostate gland, then she was securely tied and gagged, so that she could not participate by touching her sissy-cock. Of course, our hypnotic programming has also instilled a sense of arousal when bound! It doesn't take very long for the poor dear to begin leaking cock-cream. We do this on a regular basis (sometimes without bondage), in order to be sure she remains docile and feminine.

By the way, the white stuff you see leaking from her gag? That is her own cock-cream, preserved from the previous milkings!


She immediately played the DVD and was delighted to see how her transformed fiance reacted to this stimulation. "I must remember to get a set of vibrating butt-plugs," she thought.

Of course, there was also a letter and photo from Jessica:

Dearest Mistress Marie:

(Ms. Elizabeth says that is the proper term of respect I should always use.) So much has happened in the past weeks. I am now milked every other day, and it is so delightful! I especially enjoy when they tie me and gag me. And I had no idea cock-cream was so delicious! Why ever did you object when you reluctantly had to swallow mine?

I have been given a collar! Isn't it beautiful and shiny? Ms. Elizabeth says I must always wear it, except when bathing (I never shower anymore). She says you may have it appropriately engraved as my wedding gift. I can't wait!

In love and submission,

Marie immediately sat down to compose a reply to Ms. Gilbert:

Dear Ms. Gilbert:

You earlier suggested I might have some additional physical alterations in mind for Jessica. I have given it some thought.....


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