Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Ms. Gilbert's Academy: Adult Re-Education, continued

February 10:

A new package from the Academy had finally arrived. Marie eagerly tore it open and read the cover letter:

Dear Mrs. Anderson:

Jessica's transformation and training continues. She is now fully accepting of her feminized appearance, although she continues to think of herself as male. Please consider how you wish to deal with that--there are several levels of feminization we can apply to the self-image.

Here is one of the pictures we have taken of her progress. We find that most feminized males have very attractive legs, so we encourage them to wear the shortest of skirts and the highest of heels.

Enclosed you will find her personal progress report to you.

As always,

Marie opened the inner envelope and read the letter:

My Darling Marie:

I am so happy you sent me here. Miss Elizabeth and the staff have taught me so much about myself. I am particularly pleased with the ways they have shown me to be more soft and giving in my interactions with women.

I am now sleeping in lovely, soft, satin gown and pajamas like the ones you see here. I am still not sure if I prefer the elegance of the long gown or the sweet sexiness of the baby-dolls. Of course, all my sleepwear is white, befitting my status as a virgin for our forthcoming wedding night.

I must rush to finish this, as Miss Elizabeth has promised something new...a process she calls "milking".


"Milking?" thought Marie. "I wonder if that means what it sounds like...."


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alexvyaz said...

What a lucky gurl he is! I guess he will be a good sissy wife soon. ;)