Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Stepton High: The New Teacher

"I'm terribly sorry, Carla. When I saw the name, I just assumed it was a woman. Who names their male child 'Evelyn' these days?" Principal Demanden apologized to Carla Weathers, the mayor and founder of Stepton.

"Apparently, it's an old family name. Our new teacher is Evelyn Tucker VI," Carla explained, giving the name it's masculine pronunciation--Ee-velyn. "The question now is--what are we going to do about it? We can't fire him...the state equal opportunity people would be on our backs immediately--and we can't let anyone in authority know how we really run things in this town."

"I suppose we'll just have to put him through the usual transformation process," Vera suggested.

"Yes, but let's use the extended program--have him change gradually. How will you get the implant into him?"

"All new employees have to get a physical. I'm sure Doc Susan can inject him with the device while she's working him up," Vera said.

"Excellent! Let's begin with giving him the usual attraction to feminine clothing...but especially the kind of thing our schoolgirls wear," Carla advised. "I think it would be appropriate for our new teacher to become a student eventually, don't you?"


Evelyn Tucker made his appointment for the required physical. He was not surprised to find that Susan Yamoto ("Doc Susan" to the town residents) was, like most of the Stepton women, a stunning lady. The white lab coat she wore did little to hide the curves her figure-hugging silk dress clung to...or the sleek legs perched on their six-inch heels.

"So you're our new teacher in town," she said, smiling. "What do you think of Stepton?"

"Well, it's a bit different from any place I've taught before," Evelyn admitted. "Is the high school an all-girls place? I don't have any boys in any of my classes...."

"Most of Stepton..." the doctor thought for a moment on how to explain it without alarming him. "Most of Stepton sends their male children away to boarding school...the rest are home-schooled."

"I see...I must say the girls all take after their mothers; they are all quite lovely," he said.

"Yes, we pride ourselves on turning out the most poised, prettiest girls in the state," Doc Susan replied, as she moved behind him and pressed the implant injector to the base of his neck. An imperceptible hiss and the job was done. "Well, you seem to be in perfect health, Mr. Tucker," she said. "I hope you enjoy the school year."

Once he left, she called Carla and Principal Demanden on a conference call. "He's all should have his implant on the system now."

"Got it," Carla answered. "I'm going to put him the gradual program...about six weeks to full submissive sissy stage...but he should have some interesting dreams tonight!


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