Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Colorful for Christmas

As promised, today's outfits are a colorful contrast to yesterday's black-and white. Let's start with the green henley collared dress:

Accessories are a red fedora, silver jewelry, red belt, light hose, and red plaid peep-toe mary-janes. Does this hat work as well as the black one from yesterday?

And here's a portrait shot:

I followed that up with this out-of-season summery frock:

Accesssories are a yellow hair bow, silver jewelry, white belt, dark hose, and lynx-print strap pumps.

And, finally, one last portrait:

This is almost undoubtedly my final dressing/photo session until after the New Year. But I'll still be posting some other stuff. As always, additional pics are on Flickr.

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