Friday, December 10, 2010

More Archie and Scooby

I thought it was time to post a little more cartooning...especially since I won't be doing anymore dressing this week. (More on that below.)

First off, here's a very sexy Scooby adventure, one that I can't post on my new DeviantArt page (outright sex organs or even faux sex organs are verboten, there). I call it "Fred's Model Member":

And here's an Archie, using the '50s-'60s versions of the characters I enjoy so much. Call this one "Archelle's First Sissy Day":

Now, as to my dressing: My sick-a-bed day on Tuesday has completely bollixed my schedule for the week. I thought I'd squeeze in at least one outfit this morning, but I have a major appointment this evening and way too much to get done in the meantime. With any luck, next week....

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