Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Training of Gwen: Fourth Session

A primary goal of this session was to improve Gwen's femininity in walking. Accordingly, she wore a short, tight skirt and five-inch heels. The walking session was videoed, but my agreement with Gwen doesn't permit me to display it here...because I cannot disguise the background or her face in it. Hopefully, this written critique will give you some idea of what she did and what I saw:

Walking needs a lot of work! While you clearly improved as the session went on, even in the ninth video, you are still obviously uncomfortable, unsteady, and unsure of yourself.

Some specific suggestions: Don't be afraid to swing your arms naturally. Women do this, too, though not as much as men. To increase your sense of femininity, try keeping your elbows close to your body and extending your lower arms forward, with the wrist bent down. Alternatively, place your hands on your ass, slightly forward, and walk with them that's a very sexy position and will help you feel the proper sway of your hips and ass.

Take shorter steps with each foot placed nearly in front of the other. This will help create that sway I talked about. If anything, exaggerate your stride to a caricature of femininity...make it into a mincing little step. Get used to that, then tone it back for a more natural walk.

For future sessions, ditch the rug. You should hear the sound of your heels on the floor at all will discover a special thrill from it. And next time, try to set up so I can see you walk across the camera's view horizontally, as well in and out. It will help me judge your stride.

Finally, a tip that may help you--try playing some music with an easy swinging beat...not too fast, but something in a natural walking tempo and try to step in time with it as you walk.

Gwen also gave me some photos of her in the same outfit for posing instruction. Remember, these are not necessarily the best of her pictures from this session, but the ones I had specific comments on.

No no no! I never want to see this pose again! You are not a robot awaiting programming or a soldier at attention. Pose naturally and femininely! If I see this again, I will have to figure out a way to impose a punishment upon you for it!

Next time, try this with the legs reversed...same position, but left leg down, right leg up.

More animation--cock the hips and head for a look that says "you wanted me?"

I like this--shows off your legs very nicely...perhaps hand on the ass would be better.

Not bad--but cock the shoulders and head for a bit more "animation" to the pose

Pretty good--better if the left foot were further behind the right and with the toe pointed to the left.

Lovely--even better if you had found something to do with that right hand...perhaps another hair touch or even just on your hip?

Not bad--might be better if you were turned more to the left.

Very nice...this pose in front of a mirror would be truly femme! Without the mirror "prop" I'd suggest bending the left leg slightly at the knee, so that your left foot is balanced on just the toe.

The hand gesture on this one and the other two like it almost works. It would probably really be great if you were wearing some flashy jewelry...a big bracelet and ring, perhaps. It would also be better with the left leg a bit further forward.

A further training session with Gwen may be posted later today.

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