Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Training of Gwen: Fifth Session

The emphasis here was on maid training and makeup. Again, no videos and no makeup photos can be posted, but here's a look at what I told her after observing them. First, the makeup:

Eyebrows are too heavy...I realize you have very heavy ones naturally, but the solution to that is not too emphasize them. As I noted in the past, a thin line drawn through just the middle of the brow (as opposed to coloring the whole thing) is probably the best idea.

Eyeshadow looks very good indeed...nice colors and well applied. You need more mascara though. How many coats did you apply? It should be at least two.

Not sure the blush is working right yet. Here's a tip on applying it: Pull your cheeks into a sort of "fish face" and stroke the blush on right along your cheek bones...not too heavy. Then go back to a normal expression and lightly dust the "apple" of your cheeks with the blush in a circular motion. Finally, using the residue on your brush, lightly dust your chin and makes the overall skin tone even.

I realize you are still not using foundation...can you not find something suitable? When you do get foundation, I recommend you also get some Cover Girl undereye concealer...using just a light dab under each eye helps disguise those bags.

The lipstick looks the best I've ever seen it on you. Good job.

And then, the maid lesson, focusing on a curtsy and carrying a tray:

The curtsy requires tons of work! You must practice keeping your balance, first of all. Second, the placement of the feet and hands is not correct. In a proper curtsy, your hands should remain holding the hem of your skirt at all times--just by the tips of your fingers. And the left foot should move completely behind the right foot, and then both knees should bend...the movement should be nearly a crouch, not a bow. See the photo of myself doing a curtsy attached to this message!

The first attempt with the tray has many of the same problems. However, a curtsy holding the tray is probably beyond your abilities right now, so a simple bow as you approach your mistress is sufficient. Remember, a spill or a crash is cause for punishment!

The second try with the teapot is much better. But--and this is important--NEVER adjust your uniform in the presence of your mistress! (That means not on camera for the purposes of these training exercises.) If you are not presenting the proper appearance, then fix it before entering her presence!

The second video with the glass and bottle is much better...though you still seem very tentative about it all. Yes, you should be submissive, but you should be assured of your own competence as a maid. I'd like to see a future attempt where you carry the tray by one hand the whole time.

All in all, not a bad first maid training. And you look absolutely scrumptious!

Her photos included some in the foundation garments she wore under the maid's dress, as well as the maid's uniform. Here are the comments I made on those:

1. You are consistently cutting off the top of your head in these pics. You either need to position the camera further back or else tilt it up a little.

I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish with the arm across the waist pose.

2. I thought this was true before and now I can definitely see it--you must give yourself bigger boobs! Your bra cups appear to be totally empty in this shot.

3. If you're going to do this pose properly, you need to turn your back more to the camera and bend over further...the point is to show off your legs and your ass from behind, after all.

4. This should be the classic leg shot with the over-the-shoulder glance--a common pose for starlets on the red carpet. But to make it work, you have to have your legs tightly together and straight...or perhaps with one knee slightly bent.

5. A nice bow, but not a curtsy--left leg should be further back and both legs should be bent; hands should be holding out the skirt and head up.

6. I'd love to see you try this pose without using anything to hold on to for balance...and perhaps with a little more of a high knee kick...bring the knee higher and more forward, almost a chorus line dance move.

7. Nicely demure and submissive...just right for a maid awaiting orders.

8. If you're going to flash pettis and legs, then DO IT! Bring them higher and stretch that leg out toward the camera! Don't be tentative about it!

9. Back all the way to the camera, bend over all the way, legs us those panties peeking out from the pettis!

10. Very nice...perhaps next time we can work on things like pouring the tea....

11. I realize this can be very difficult...but I would like you to try and balance the bottle and glass on one hand.

That concludes this training session; in a future session, we will work on Gwen's presentation as an office worker.

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