Friday, December 17, 2010

The Training of Gwen: Journal Entry #5

I was going to hold this until Gwen got me the entries for the rest of the weekend, but I've decided to get it up now, instead:

December 3

The wife has taken a short trip and Madame has posted three assignments for me to complete before the wife returns. Today, I am to present myself for walk training. Wearing high heels of at least five inches has always been a problem for me. I love wearing the shoes but have never figured out how to walk without for very long without having to brace myself so as not to stumble or almost fall down. For this presentation, I wear the black bullet bra, high waisted black panty girdle and black lace top stockings as basic foundation. The top is a red bolero ruffled blouse with long sleeves. The skirt is a red leather very mini skirt. The shoes are black patent with a wide ankle strap and five inch heels. After about fifty minutes I change to a high waisted red leather skirt. I am making a video so Madame can see and critique my walking and some still posing photos as well.

The walking lasts for about an hour. I walk back and forth trying to put one foot almost in front of the other. I have a long way to go before this seems second nature. I totter and lose my balance frequently. At first, I am acutely conscious of my movements and have no real sense of what to do with my hands or how to gesture. It is confusing and I am so centered on trying to stay upright that everything is mechanical and unnatural. As time goes by I become completely centered on shortening my stride and taking things more slowly. I am still trying to stride with long steps but that doesn’t work. Slowing down, becoming comfortable with a new gait makes the walking a bit easier. But I still don’t know what do with my hips or gestures. It still isn’t second nature. I realize this is just the beginning of course so there is some comfort in knowing there will be progress as the training proceeds. I am slowly realizing just how different it is to slowly become worthy of Stepton’s requirements.

The posing takes me within another problem. How to properly pose and project with a new persona. To inhabit another reality in a sense. I think I am slowly doing better with shaping and trying out new and some repetitive postures for the camera.

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