Friday, September 16, 2011

Try to Remember 11

Closing out the week, as fall weather sets into the area, we begin today with this combination of a red t-shirt (with lovely femme touches at the collar) and a pin-striped skirt with nice button and belt details.

Accessories are a white bow, gold jewelry, light hose, and red plaid peep-toe pumps.

A portrait...and some comments on these pics--I spent a lot of time on the eye makeup today, including real mascara. In these shots, however, I felt the eyelashes still didn't show well, so I touched them up a little, as well as adding digital eyeliner (that last is probably always going to be the case...I've stuck myself in the eye with eyeliner once too often.) Funny this is, I was so intent on the eyes, I completely forgot to put on lipstick, so all the lip color in this set is digital!

More pics on Flickr; I'll post the second set later today or tomorrow.

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