Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Try to Remember 7

This outfit was selected in order to go with the new shoes. (More on those later.) It's a tan "twofer" (a thrift-store purchase) combined with the black-and-tan skirt from Kmart.

Other accessories are a white bow, gold jewelry, and light hose.

Now the shoes:

I was going to pick up Payless's description to quote here, but they're no longer on the website. Suffice to say they are a tan web-effect with colorful stripes and a four-inch heel.

Here's a portrait, too...I did the eyes with a different palette today--an old set from Almay that is allegedly designed for brown eyes. I'm relatively pleased with the result. In a week or so, I may try using mascara, too; today, the eyeliner and mascara are digital.

More pics on Flickr; another outfit later, with any luck.

I'm waiting further word on my computer repairs; they called this morning to say the problem is more extensive than they thought. Looks like they'll have to wipe the hard drive and reinstall--which means I'll be reinstalling stuff this week as well.

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