Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Try to Remember 13

An interesting combination for the first outfit today...my pink polka-dot blouse and the short red straight skirt. Some experiments on makeup today as well (more on that later) and I tried some videos, too!

Accessories are pink bow, silver jewelry, chain belt, pink thigh highs, and red patent spike pumps.

Here's a portrait. I tried a new product for the eyeshadow and I love it. It's L'Oreal's One-Sweep, and the link will show the product and how it works. I've never had an easier time applying eye shadow and getting the right effect!

I also tried using brown mascara, instead of black. It looks OK "in person", but seems a bit too light for photography.

And the video--I have to figure a way to get more light on these. I may be able to use a different location in the house for photography within a month or so, and that may improve both the pictures and the videos.

More pics on Flickr; a different outfit later today. Whether I dress any more this week awaits some scheduling adjustments.

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