Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Windows to the Soul?

As you all know, I've been playing around with eye makeup recently, and since I can't dress today (or anytime this week--more on that tomorrow), I did a quick experiment. Without doing any other cosmetics, I did up my eyes.

I took a slightly different process this time. I started with the mascara, instead of ending with it. Then I applied the new "one-sweep" shadow from L'Oreal. I like that, but I find it doesn't define as well in photos as it does in person, so I took the black/white palette of shadow I bought earlier and applied a quick sweep of white under the brows and blended a little black into the crease. I finished it all with one last coat of mascara. I also put on some eyebrow pencil.

Here are some pics:

These are my unadorned eyes; the only digital work here is soft focus.

My eyes in a normal open mode--here I've added digital eyeliner and an extra highlight on the pupils (I find that adds life to the eyes), then soft focus.

Eyes wide open to show a little more of the shadow work. Same digital processes.

Eyes closed for a full view of the shadows. Eyeliner added, soft focus.

Profile shots--same digital processes as before.

I'm very interested in comments from all of you, please!

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