Friday, September 16, 2011

Try to Remember 12

OK--some problems with this set: When I set up the camera, I must have jostled it and the setting got switched from "auto" to "image stabilization," which results actually in a less clear image when the subject isn't moving. A shame--because a lot of these are nice poses. I fixed it before I did the portrait shot, though.

The outfit is a combination that turns out better than I could have hoped as well...the black pleated blouse over a pink camisole and a pink zebra-stripe skirt.

Accessories are black headband, silver jewelry, silver belt, light hose and poppy pink patent pumps.

Here's the portrait--I did put on lipstick this time, and I went a little heavier on the mascara, so no digital touchups there, save for the eyeliner.

More pics on Flickr; next dressing on Tuesday (with some more makeup experimentation); perhaps some more artwork over the weekend.

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