Friday, July 19, 2013

Independent Sissy 12

It is so hot around here ~ heat index of 105 this afternoon ~ that I almost decided not to dress at all. Then I realized if I moved the photo venue in the house, I could do it in air-conditioned comfort. So I did.

The black dotted minidress is from Target's Merona line in January 2010; the shoes are the first ones Dani ever bought, black mary-janes by Isaac Mizrahi from Target in November 2007. Other accessories are black cloche hat, scarf, and red jewelry.

The cloche doesn't make for quite as pretty a portrait as the other hats I own.

Actually, I wish I could find a cloche designed like the 1920s styles worn by actress Essie Davis as Phryne Fisher, in the Australian mystery series:

See how the brim is wider and projects forward in the front?

Anyway, more pics on Flickr; art over the weekend; and dressing resumes on Monday. Also resuming next week is an old favorite ~ "Women We'd Love to Be" ~ in a new format.

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MommysSlave said...

You would look incredible in that cloche! I hope you can find one.