Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Independent Sissy 15

Lady in black:

The glittery black top with a scarf is by J.R. Nites Woman, a thrift shop find in July 2011; the black chiffon skirt is from Wal-Mart's George line in December 2007; the shoes are Fioni "Havre" two-tone black pumps from Payless in February 2011. Other accessories are a shiny bow, silver jewelry, and diamond-patterned tights.

I think I got the eyeshadow just right today, helped by the decision to digitally alter my eyes to a violet shade.

Today I went to my storage locker to pull out outfits for the next several weeks; I discovered that one of the racks had collapsed under the weight of too many skirts, blouses, and dresses. That has led to two things: 1. I need to buy a new rack; 2. I need to cull some of the clothes. I've decided that anything bought since January 2012 is safe, but I'm going over the other items and deciding what to send to Goodwill ~ definitely anything that's a bad fit (a few skirts that are too tight) and anything I think I just don't look as good in as I might.

More pics on Flickr; dressing continues tomorrow; and don't forget to choose the Woman You'd Love to Be (details here)!

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