Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Independent Sissy 7

A lovely dress...the last one I got from Fashion Bug before they went belly up.

As noted, the dress is from Fashion Bug in October 2012; the shoes are Fioni "LaMode" light blue peeptoe pumps from Payless in April 2010. Other accessories are shiny bow and silver jewelry. Once again, the weather calls for bare legs.

And a portrait:

Meg today talked about the need to "edit herself" when in certain company ~ those who know about Meg and those who don't, generally ~ and I realized I found myself in a similar situation this weekend. I was with a group of my science-fiction fan friends, none of whom have any inkling of Dani. The topic came up of what is on the top of our "bucket lists". As my turn came around, I realized that ~ if I were writing here ~ the top of my list would be "being able to appear in public as Dani." I couldn't say that in this group, so I resorted to one of my theater community wishes: to be able to play all the great musical roles I am still of an age to pull off ~ among them Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof, Fagin in Oliver!, Don Quixote in Man of La Mancha, and Ben Franklin in 1776.

Maybe someday I can tell them all about Dani's bucket list!

More pics on Flickr; dressing continues tomorrow; and on Friday, I'll post the monthly video.

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