Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Couple Transformed, Part Four


Julia gasped as the elaborate latex helmet sealed itself to her face. Sara smiled at her through the glass of her eyepieces as she finished buckling the mask to Julia’s membranous rubber head. The drugs were starting to work now and Julia groaned as Sara’s touch took on a new erotic dimension. Despite the cumbersome apparatus controlling the air she raggedly drew into her lungs, Julia felt her body respond automatically to the now familiar intimacy of her lover’s touch. Within minutes, Julia was at the brink of another powerful climax but this time it felt very different, better, more satisfying and much more perverse than anything she had ever experienced before.

Julia screamed as she came, the ecstasy of her orgasm mingling with the beguiling pleasure of wearing a full latex helmet for the first time. Sex with Sara was always deeply satisfying but she had never experienced anything quite as intense as this before. Julia moaned softly as a second climax began to build deep in her latex-covered abdomen and she knew then that there would be no going back. As she came, Julia knew that she was now a dedicated fetishist, addicted beyond any hope of relief to the dark pleasures of her new depravity.

An hour later, Julia sat in comfortable isolation, cacooned in a skin-tight bodysuit of shimmering latex while she slowly recovered from her recent exertions. She was only half-awake, adrift in a world of rubber pleasures where her awakening sexual needs were catered for with satisfying regularity. She breathed deeply, growing more accustomed to the hiss of air as she drew it eagerly into her lungs through the myriad of pipes and bags attached to her elaborate suit.

She moved slightly, thrilling to the unfamiliar sensation of the twin dildos sealed deep inside her body beneath the glistening membrane of rubber, which now covered her completely. The incredible fullness of her anus made her gasp loudly but the sound remained a secret, muffled by the thick latex of her new helmet. Just as her climax had done an hour before, the gentler pleasures of rubber isolation continued to corrupt her fertile imagination. She had no idea when Sara would release her from her bondage and the intense reliance, the complete trust she had in her lover, made her feel incredibly docile. Sara had explained in great detail what would be expected of her when she was finally released from her latex prison. After this initiation, Julia was to be nothing more than a rubber plaything, completely sexually compliant and totally submissive, an obedient fetish slave subject only to the whims of her mistress.

Julia shuddered in pleasure as she considered the ramifications of total acquiescence, the final abdication of responsibility and self-control. She wondered what it would mean to be forced to submit fully to Sara’s dominance, what terrible acts she might have to perform in order to give her lover pleasure but without responsibility there would be no guilt and, beneath the secure anonymity of her bizarre latex clothing, Julia smiled.


The months had passed quickly and Roberta wondered what had happened to the time. It seemed only yesterday that she had been someone completely different, pleading for her life with a gun pointed at her head but now all that seemed like a distant memory. She rose from the comfort of her bed. The flat was rather nice even though she hadn’t really had time to decorate it properly yet. Jeremy had been generous, allowing her to buy pretty much whatever she wanted. She gazed at herself in one of the numerous long mirrors and smiled broadly; her surgery had been a complete success and, now a voluptuous raven-haired femme fatale, Roberta wanted for little. It had surprised her at first, the attention she received from quite a number of the male employees at the clinic, but she soon learned to take advantage of her indisputable attractiveness. Roberta giggled to herself, remembering how she had quickly picked up a bit of a ‘reputation’ amongst a number of the younger male doctors. This was long before she had actually succumbed to the temptations of her recently feminized flesh of course, but she found it all very amusing and Jeremy didn’t seem to mind her flirting a little.

Jeremy, despite his violent reputation, had become a surprisingly sensitive and caring friend and quickly established himself as the most desirable of her many suitors. He was also the most affluent and, despite some residual guilt about the materialistic nature of her attraction, Roberta eventually summoned up the courage to ask him out. Furtive hugs followed their dates and then, once she had lost the last of her masculine prejudices, Roberta grew more accustomed to occasional kisses and even some ungainly fondling if she had had enough to drink. Eventually, Roberta found herself lured into Jeremy’s bed and it was here, more out of curiosity than anything else, that she finally succumbed to her boyfriend’s increasingly desperate sexual advances. The first time had been the hardest but Jeremy had been particularly generous that evening and, with her body obviously ripe for some form of sexual release, Roberta surrendered easily enough. Roberta smiled broadly, wondering how she had become such a terrible slut. However, shame was no longer a word in her vocabulary and she slowly found herself coming to terms with sleeping with a man and it wasn’t so long before she started to enjoy Jeremy’s body as much as he enjoyed hers. She was now quite a skilled lover she reminded herself and certainly risqué enough to keep Jeremy satisfied and she didn’t really mind his other women that much. He never bought them as many gifts as he bought her so she must have been doing something right and anyway, she was far more imaginative in bed than any of the competition.

Roberta showered, enjoying the warm water spraying across her voluptuous breasts and trickling softly between the smooth whiteness of her sensitive thighs. She lingered a moment caressing the soft folds of her surgically enhanced crotch, no longer concerned by the ugly male member that used to taunt her so horribly. The full gender reassignment had been another of Jeremy’s gifts and she loved him for it, for giving her the opportunity to become a real woman. He owned her now, body and soul and the knowledge both shocked and excited her. Roberta wanted him more because of it and she was resigned to her weakness and docility. She promised herself that she would make a special effort to please him that night. Her imagination was already working overtime as she considered what to wear.

Roberta applied her makeup with a precision she wouldn’t have believed possible a few months before. Jeremy insisted that she always look her best and it was not uncommon for her to wear quite heavy cosmetics even during the day. Her long false lashes, mascara and dark eyeliner no longer seemed out of place and, now that the collagen implants had given her such beautiful lips, it seemed silly not to wear the deepest lipstick and gloss for breakfast. She brushed out her long black hair, no longer requiring a wig even though she occasionally still wore one for fun, her own hair had grown quickly. It had not taken long before she began experimenting with color and different styles, eventually settling for a shoulder length straight cut which accentuated her prominent cheekbones and cat-like eyes, the blue-black shade setting off her heavy cosmetics to perfection. Satisfied with her face, Roberta selected a tiny g-string from her closet and set about squeezing herself into a tightly boned patent leather corset. It showed off her breasts to perfection and she knew that Jeremy would love it when he finally got to untie it later on in the day. Roberta peeked down at her bust with undisguised pride. She had a cleavage to die for.

Choosing her favorite shoulder-length latex gloves, Roberta pulled a tight rubber top over her shoulders, marvelling as the delicious fabric caressed her skin, sealing itself to the graceful curves of her feminized body as it zipped tightly closed at the back of her neck. She then slipped into a matching latex mini-skirt, flattering enough to raise more than a few eyebrows with the neighbors and short enough to appeal to Jeremy’s rather basic fashion instincts. Finally, putting on her seven-inch platform heels, Roberta wandered into the garden where she would wait patiently for Jeremy to return.

Julia breathed in deeply and sighed. She savored the aroma of fresh latex, its evocative scent mingling with the delicate perfume of Sara’s arousal. She looked down at her body and shuddered with barely contained pleasure. The skin-tight transparent latex clung to her figure deliciously, defining every curve and enhancing her exaggerated breasts. They had undergone surgery the same day and the clinic had been generous enough to give both Julia and Sara the most fantastic dimensions. Both women now possessed firm 40-inch busts and, encased in glistening latex, Julia could still hardly believe that she had such an enormous cleavage. She looked up from her vain contemplation and smiled at her lover. Sara giggled quietly from the confines of her own latex bodysuit and began the ritual of seduction, a now familiar part of their sexual play together. Julia thrilled to the sticky tactility of Sara’s rubberized body, the taut second skin of her lover’s flesh augmenting her pleasure. They kissed, tentatively at first then more deeply as Julia’s passion took control of her actions. She gasped as Sara opened her like a flower, the cool touch of Sara’s fingers sending her into paroxysms of pleasure. As she came, Julia knew that she was lost, destined to spend her life as little more than a pretty rubber maid, the ambitions she had cherished in a previous life now replaced by the temptations of her new existence and, with this realization, she smiled.


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