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A Touch of Spice

Another lost story by Priscilla Gay Bouffant


It seemed that whenever I had any problems my mother-in-law, Mummy Elaine had been there to comfort me, "her princess," her "little Giselle."

From the very start of my transformation, I had been her project. Although I was being trained for her daughter, my wife Felicia, Elaine was putting her imprint on me--Felicia being too busy overseeing the construction of our new home, and the opening of her third physical therapy office, with her partner, ex-college roommate, and former (I hoped) lover Beverly.

Mummy Elaine had ulterior motives. I was to be the so-called "daughter she never had."

From a young age, Felicia had shown proficiency for sports and health care studies. On the basketball court, though not overly tall, she could shoot a mean jump shot, block out underneath, pass behind the back and rebound with the best of them. She could ride horses bareback. The sight of her doing this, her shoulder-length hair flapping in the wind, enchanted me no end. Her talents in school and her keen business sense were well known among her peers, and she disdained the term "tomboy."

"I'm not a boy, I'm a woman. My strength comes from that. I can be commanding in the boardroom as well as the bedroom," she would state to me with a seductive smile.

It was true. She was a fashion plate when it came to her appearance. She could also move with the feline grace of a Hollywood starlet on Oscar night. Our lovemaking was passionate, mainly because she took the lead and taught me how to please her. Though I believed my pleasure was secondary, she always saw to it that I was fulfilled.

She would not however, be the frilly, little princess her mother wanted. Not for Elaine, not for anyone. That would become my job.

Elaine had told her in confidence that I was a perfect candidate for their project. I proved her correct, right away. I didn't hesitate for us to move in with Elaine right after our honeymoon. Felicia suggested it was a wise move as our home was not yet under construction. "It would be foolish to rent or lease, for that short a time," she said in a way that assured me that the subject was closed.

I also quit my job at Elaine's suggestion. I fully agreed it was a dead-end position. I then became Elaine's assistant as far as housekeeping, some paperwork, and personal services were concerned. I never even hesitated to wear my first obviously girlish apron.

I became the darling of her social set. "My goodness, Elaine, your house is always so spotless and neat," one of her socialite friends would say.

"I couldn't do it without my Billy. He's such a fussy little housekeeper. So fastidious! A whiz in the kitchen also!" she'd exclaim.

It was true. She had taught me how to cook, clean, do laundry, scrub floors, make beds. Just about anything a homemaker might need to know. She did have a cleaning service coming in twice a month, but there was always plenty for me to do.

My training had actually begun when Felicia and I were dating. She was away at her last year of college, and mummy would have me visit. I'd help her host afternoon teas with her lady friends.

"My, my Elaine, your Billy is absolutely adorable!" one matron had gushed. "Would you mind training my son-in-law Percy for me?" she asked. "Such a lovely apron he's wearing also," she would add.

Elaine would smile and brag about me, and then mention jokingly (I thought) that she would have an opening or maybe two whenever we moved into our new home.

"I know I'll need a new maid," she'd joke. "Possibly I could tutor a couple of day students," she said candidly.

"Well, let me know," the matron replied. "In addition to Percy, my nephew Armand would probably make a terrific housekeeper for you, and he needs a job."

"Oh, Armand? He's cute. Didn't he do pools for a while? Send him around this spring. We'll get him started outside." She smiled.

All was not perfection, though. I found some things a little more difficult then others.

Ironing was one, especially the pleats in tennis skirts. Personal services were another. I was fairly good at shaving legs, but hairdressing and nail care came a little slowly.

When Elaine was displeased, she could be quite the strict taskmistress.

"Well Billy, you're not coming along very well with that skirt, are you? I think you need practice. I'll have some of the girls at the club bring their pleated skirts and dresses over. After you've done several, your skills should improve. By the way, unless you want these same ladies knocking at the door to have their hair and nails done, I suggest you begin practicing on yourself," she added.

As embarrassing as this was, I started painting my own fingernails and setting my hair at bedtime. Felicia wasn't exactly thrilled, but tolerated it. She was really only home from college during the holidays anyway.

"You do obey your mummy, don't you Billy?" she would tease.

By this time, I also realized Felicia could be very domineering in her own way. It also had become quite obvious that she and her college roommate, and constant companion, Beverly, were much more than that.

When I raised this subject, she replied "You can't expect me to suppress my sex drive for weeks, Billy. Besides, female-to-female sex is the cleanest and safest. You should be happy that I'm not shacked up with some smelly boy," she stated plainly, then added, "You don't have any complaints about the time we spend together, do you, dear?" She would smile, wink, and touch my cheek gently.

It was our first all-day shopping trip, lunch and salon visit, however, that really cemented things.

It was a Saturday, two months after our wedding. Felicia had been out of school for two years. With her and Bev's skills and business know-how, they'd done fantastically well. Elaine's financial connections had helped also. Construction of our new home had just begun. Felicia's new office would be opening in a week.

We started early. Virginia's Fashion Sense was our first stop. Felicia went right off with her favorite salesgirl, Laurie, saying, "Let mother and Billy look at the petite and junior miss sizes. I'll never be one of those."

Felicia was five-nine and about 150 pounds, a very nice size 12. I was fully three inches shorter and fifteen pounds lighter. Her reference to my being her mother's size made me feel slightly self-conscious. My hair and Felicia's were both shoulder-length. She wore hers in a pageboy style. Lately, Elaine was having me wear mine in a braided ponytail.

As Elaine began to look through sweater and slack sets she would glance back at me and smile. It never dawned on me how much I followed her around whenever we were together. We did seem inseparable at times. Of course, whenever Felicia required me to be with her, I fulfilled my duties as her spouse. On an occasion like this though, I somehow sensed that Felicia desired to be on her own and that I stay with mummy.

Looking back at me for the third time, Elaine said, "You know, precious, it wouldn't hurt for you to spice up your wardrobe. Maybe a few slacks and sweater sets. Possibly some shorts and top combinations. A little more flair in your footwear would be a step in the right direction, also. I know both Felicia and I would just love it. She'd be so pleased. How about it, Billy dear? Why don't mummy and her Billy surprise Felicia with a wardrobe change?" she asked so very sweetly.

I couldn't resist. If it meant pleasing both of them, well, I'd do just about anything.

She motioned for Gwen, a saleslady, to come over. "Gwen darling, this is my adorable son-in-law, Billy. Could we find him some things in this section? Nothing overly feminine, of course," she said, with obvious emphasis on the word feminine.

Gwen and Elaine went right into action. They began putting different combos of clothing together, including shoes and stockings. With each set of clothes I'd proceed to the dressing room, change, come out nervously and model, then return to the dressing area to do it all over again.

Gwen's young assistant, Pam, stationed herself outside the door to answer any questions I might have, and keep any ladies from accidentally coming in.

All the sweaters seemed too fluffy, all the slacks and shorts too form-fitting. The shoes were either shiny patent-leather casuals or strap sandals. All had some type of heel, wedge or platform. The tops were all skin-tight and revealing. The hose were filmier then anything I'd ever worn. It didn't matter though. The ladies pronounced every outfit "perfect".

Worse yet, as I stood in front of a full-length mirror turning this way and that, at mummy's instruction, my lovely wife walked up and said, "Now this is a side of you I didn't know about, Billy. Actually, it's very appealing. Gwen, don't bother boxing this little number up. He can wear it to the salon. That way he'll have no trouble fitting in," she said, with just a hint of sarcasm.

When I protested only slightly, Felicia said, "Excuse me a moment, ladies. We'll meet you at the register. My husband and I have something urgent to discuss." She then took me by the arm and escorted me into the same dressing room I had used. Closing the door, as well as pulling the curtain shut, she began, "Billy, my love, we've discussed your occasional reluctance to obey on at least two occasions. You do recall them, don't you, darling? Once while we were dating, then again on our honeymoon. Need I remind you what happened?" she asked.

"No, dear. I remember very well," I answered very submissively.

"Well then, I want you to tell me what transpired. Not what your offense was. I want you to tell me what happened," she said, firmly.

It took quite a bit for me to not begin crying, but I managed to say, "You gave me spankings, my love."

"Exactly! You may also recall that on both occasions it was done privately. This time you give me no choice. I will give you the spanking here in the dressing room. You will then tell mother and the sales ladies what happened. Or you can simply leave here wearing that lovely outfit. The choice is yours, pumpkin!" she pronounced in a matter-of-fact fashion.

I knew full well that, if she wanted to, she had all the strength needed to carry out her threat. On our honeymoon, she had managed to restrain me and silence my squealing with scarves and panties, in our hotel room. On our date, we had gone to her room, as Elaine had been out with one of her country club friends. That time she had wrestled me to the floor and pinned my arm behind my back. I was then made to beg to be spanked. I decided to honor her request to wear the outfit, no matter how shameful I felt.

We left the room and walked to the register. Only Elaine and a cashier were there. Elaine acted as if nothing unusual had happened.

As Elaine paid for our purchases, she asked, "Well, shall we walk to Tanya's?"

Felicia quickly responded, "Of course, mother. It's such a lovely, cool, fall day."


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