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A Couple Transformed, Part One

[Another "lost story" by N]

New Beginnings

Robert gazed across the small hotel room, wondering how he had been so lucky. Julia was not only beautiful but also witty and intelligent. A devout Christian, he had been surprised when she agreed to come away with him, never mind actually share a room. He smiled at his fiancée as she brushed her long blond hair.

"I hope you don’t mind sleeping on the couch tonight Robert." Julia said quietly. "But, after all the trouble I had with Jeremy, I really would prefer to wait until we’re married."

Robert inwardly winced at the mention of Julia’s previous boyfriend, a rich persuasive man who was not only known to be a local millionaire but also rumored to have underworld connections and a decidedly violent character. Robert knew why she had left him; his mood swings and perverse sexual suggestions had finally forced Julia back into the church and, at the same time, into Robert’s arms. At least Robert understood her deep religious convictions and he respected her wishes about avoiding sexual contact until their marriage later in the spring.

"I don’t mind. Really I don’t," he replied. "I’m just glad we’re together that’s all. The sofa will be comfortable enough."

Julia rose to kiss him quickly on the cheek. She blushed even at this small intimacy and then continued finishing her preparations for their visit to the restaurant. Julia dabbed her mouth with a tissue, wiping a trace of coral pink lipstick from her lips. She rarely wore any makeup at all and Robert was honored that she was wearing some for their date. Finally, Julia took a jacket from the back of her chair and announced that she was ready. Robert smiled at her again. Despite her rather plain clothes and sensible shoes, she looked beautiful and he was anticipating a great evening.

Robert turned to open the door and then, before he could react or even cry out a warning, he was knocked to the floor by a staggering blow to the head. Stunned, he could only watch as three burly men strode confidently into the room. Ignoring him, they pushed Julia violently onto the bed and then laughed as she tried to scream. A hand immediately stretched across her mouth, smearing her lipstick across her cheek and then, while Robert tried to get up off the floor, he saw the syringe shoved into his fiancée’s arm. Robert tried to protest while he struggled to shake off the dizziness that kept him pinned to the floor but it was no good. He watched as one of the men emptied the contents of the syringe into Julia’s trembling body. The effect was both immediate and profound. Julia slumped back onto the bed, her expression changing rapidly from violent shock to relaxed contentment as the drug took hold. By the time her fiancé finally managed to find his feet, Julia was already moaning incoherently to herself as she curled up on the duvet and closed her eyes.

"Don’t be too concerned about your ex-girlfriend," a voice said in Robert’s ear. "Those sounds she’s making are moans of pleasure more than anything else."

Robert turned slowly to find Jeremy pointing a gun at his head and then, as if to prove the point, Jeremy gently reached across to run his free hand over Julia’s pursed lips. Robert hung his head in shame as Julia groaned more loudly, the noise coming from her mouth sounding almost lascivious as she unconsciously kissed her assailant’s fingers.

"She’ll grow accustomed to the drugs surprising quickly," Jeremy offered, cocking the gun as he spoke. "They all do given enough time. In a week or so, your ex will be quite hopelessly addicted and by then she’ll be willing to do anything for her next fix. Not that it will matter to you of course. She’ll be back with me by then and, once we’ve made a few adjustments to Julia’s rather suburban psychology, she’ll make a rather entertaining plaything for a while. She’ll have to overcome this religious nonsense of hers, of course, and I do demand a certain level of sexual inventiveness from my lovers but she’ll soon learn how to behave more appropriately."

Robert shuddered as a damp stain spread across the front of his trousers. Looking at Jeremy’s grinning face and the gun pointed straight at his head, he began to cry. Jeremy laughed loudly.

"I was just going to kill you," he said matter-of-factly. "But I never realized quite how pathetic you really were." He tucked the gun into the waistband of his trousers as he spoke. "Your whimpering has actually given me a much better idea and, from your viewpoint, my suggestion must be better than the alternative." He patted the gun as he spoke.

"I’m going to let you stay with your ex for a while, Robert. You won’t be intimate or anything but, after your first few treatments, you won’t mind that so much. However, the real bonus for me will be watching you come to terms with the changes I’m going to make to your virginal young friend here. I hope you’re broad-minded, Robert, because Julia’s going to look very different in a day or two."

Robert continued sobbing loudly despite his relief that he at least wasn’t going to be shot.

"You’ll be experiencing some changes of your own by then but I find men to be much more compliant on the whole so, once you’ve settled in, you should find time to appreciate Julia’s gradual corruption."

Robert opened his mouth to speak but he simply fell to the floor in thankful unconsciousness as a single blow to his head knocked him out cold.


Robert opened his eyes nervously, a strange lethargy forcing him to lie quite still on an unfamiliar bed. He woke in a white room; a hospital room he guessed as he tried to focus on the elaborate medical equipment that surrounded him. He moved a little but a tugging pain from the needle in his arm soon convinced him to remain where he was while he struggled to remember what had happened.

"Robert, are you okay."

It was Julia’s voice and he almost cried out in happiness as he realized that everything was going to be all right. He lifted his head slowly from the pillow and then waited while the world stopped spinning around him before he finally saw a female figure seated on a chair beside him. He looked confused for a moment as he wondered who the glamorous woman was who held his hand and sounded just like his fiancée.

"Don’t look at me, Robert. I don’t want you to see me like this." She said, moving quickly from the bed to gaze out of the barred window. "They forced me to wear this. I had to agree just to see you."

Robert blinked as his eyes finally focussed on a main of tousled blond hair, deep red lipstick and sleek black clothes.

"I don’t understand Julia," he croaked. "What’s happened to your hair and why are you wearing so much makeup?"

He jolted upright as he finally realized what Julia was wearing. His mouth opened and closed silently in confusion.

"It’s latex, Robert." Julia said quietly, trying to hide her shame as she crouched by the window in desolation. "Jeremy’s always had a thing about rubber. He tried to make me wear it before; it’s one of the reasons I left him but I didn’t have a choice this time. I had to agree to his wishes before he would let me see you. Please don’t think anything bad about me."

Julia started to cry, the tears dropping from her long false eyelashes as her rich black mascara began to run down the pallid foundation of her heavily made-up face.

"I had to be here for you," she stammered. "Despite my humiliation. You’ve been unconscious for 2 days and they used the time to do things to you, too, terrible things. I didn’t want you to find out from anyone else, Robert. I had to be with you when you found out what’s been happening."

"What do you mean?" he replied, unable to keep his eyes from the glossy black corselette and latex stockings that Julia was wearing. "What could be worse than turning you into some sort of pervert?"

Robert’s bitterness was obvious and Julia turned away at his barbed response. How could she know that her boyfriend was trying to come to terms with her new overt sexuality and also trying to understand why his body was not responding as he expected.

"They’re trying to make me enjoy looking like this," Julia finally offered. "It’s all part of Jeremy’s master plan. He wants me to dress like this all the time. That’s why he makes me wear these ridiculous shoes and stupid clothes before letting me do anything that I want."

"Like taking drugs." Robert hissed quietly.

Julia sank to the floor in desolation. "It’s the only thing that helps me to cope," she sobbed. "I didn’t want to do it but it makes the training sessions so much easier. You wouldn’t understand, Robert."

They sat in silence for a few minutes before Julia stood up unsteadily in her five-inch heels. "I’ve got to go soon," she said, drying her eyes. "Jeremy lets me have my injection about now and I start to feel awful if I’m not punctual. But before I go, you must understand what they’re doing to you, too, what all this medical apparatus is for and why you feel so strange."

She paused for a moment. "I’ve brought a mirror with me. It will probably be better if you try to relax before you look."

Robert sank back into the crisp bedclothes, exhausted by the strange emotions that his encounter with Julia seemed to have caused. His fiancée walked towards him in her fetishistic high heels and raised the small mirror slowly to his face. Robert stared at the image in the glass, thinking it was some trick of his confused brain but, as he felt himself starting to cry, the face in the mirror cried too, the tears trickling slowly from her elaborately made-up eyes and running in tiny rivers down the smooth white skin of her rouged cheeks. As he sobbed, his glossed lips trembled slightly as he breathed one last question to Julia as she turned to leave.



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