Sunday, November 23, 2014

Seeking Assistance

As many of you already know, the eyeliner and mascara in my photos of myself is "digitally enhanced" for a variety of reasons, among them eye sensitivity and the fact that my lashes are so thin that all the volumizing mascara in an Ulta store doesn't seem to make them photograph well.

That said, I've been doing that enhancement the same way for years here. But I recently came up with a new way to do it (using a different image editing software) and I'm interested in what you think looks better. So here is a cropped look at one of my recent pictures (not one of the close-up portraits) ~ one is done exactly as I've always done it, the other with the "new look". (With the exception of the "eye makeup", the two images are identical.)

Which one do you prefer? There's a poll to the right, above the one for the ongoing "who's prettier" question, for you to vote in.

While you're voting, don't forget to choose who makes the prettier girl (details here)!

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