Monday, November 3, 2014

A Couple Transformed, Part Three


The beautician gasped loudly as she entered the room and found her student, makeup beautifully applied and hair perfectly arranged, easing a pair of black silk stockings up her long smooth legs.

"Roberta?" she said, recovering her composure a little. "Is everything all right?"

Robert looked up, blinking slowly as if the question confused him. "I’m fine," he replied, his voice pitched slightly higher than it had ever been before. "I’ve just decided to make a few changes. Seeing Julia giving up everything that was supposedly important to her yesterday made me feel rather differently about what I’m going through and I don’t really see why I should fight it anymore. Julia didn’t seem to care too much about how she looked and at least I haven’t been unfaithful to anyone"

Robert smiled at his new friend, as he made some final adjustments to his long blond wig in the mirror and pulled the revealing black basque tightly closed around his rapidly diminishing waist.

"What do you think?" he asked coquettishly. "It’ll be hell walking in these heels but I love the stockings and the underwear I found in the cupboard is fantastic."

"You look stunning," the woman stammered in reply. "I’m just a little surprised by your enthusiasm that’s all. Yesterday I had to convince you to try on silicone breasts and a dress and here you are now in full makeup and a basque and happier than I’ve seen you in days. You’ve come a long way since you first arrived, Roberta, and it’s wonderful that you’ve adjusted so quickly."

Roberta looked down thoughtfully at her smooth, shaped body and ran her manicured fingers along the glistening blackness of her tapered waist.

"Actually, I don’t really feel much like a man at all anymore." She whispered conspiratorially. "There’s not a lot left to remind me. I don’t need to shave… well… my face anyway and I certainly don’t look particularly masculine. Every time I see my reflection, this pretty woman stares back at me from the mirror and that kind of reinforces the fact that I’ve changed too much already not to believe what’s actually being done to me here."

Robert paused, trying to find the words to sum up what he was feeling. "Seeing Julia was the last straw. If she doesn’t care, why should I? It’s not as if there’s anything I can do about it and I’m sure the hormones you’ve been giving me aren’t just transforming my body. I feel different inside too. So, there doesn’t seem much point in fighting it anymore. I’ll just have to accept that I’m different now I suppose."

"What about your engagement?" the woman asked quietly. "Are you willing to give Julia up so easily?"

Robert looked pained at the question but he had already considered the implications of greater compliance and, when he answered, he answered confidently and honestly. "I’m not much use to her anyway now. I haven’t had an erection for days and, I must admit, with the amount of estrogen I’m taking, I’m not likely to be able to sustain a sexual relationship in the foreseeable future am I?"

"That’s a very brave statement to make so early on in your treatment," the young beautician said kindly. "Most other men would be desolate to be in your predicament, but if you’re happy with the lack of sexual function, I don’t suppose it matters much about it not working anymore."

"I didn’t say I was happy," Robert corrected the confused woman. "But, seeing as Julia already has a new girlfriend, she obviously doesn’t need any sexual favors from me."

He hesitated for a moment. "In fact, this useless sliver of flesh between my legs doesn’t do much at all nowadays except spoil the smooth lines of my panties and skirts. In some ways, I’d rather it wasn’t there at all."

"I’ll have a word with the surgeon if you like," the woman said matter-of-factly. "It really wouldn’t be a problem."

Robert laughed. "I don’t think I’m ready for that quite yet." He giggled. "But I have been thinking about a few other things that I might like to have done."

The beautician smiled. "Let me guess," she said. "You’d like your breasts enlarged and a few more inches off your waist perhaps?"

Robert looked down at his stilettos in embarrassment. "Is it really that obvious?" he said, blushing crimson. "My silicone bust has been wonderful but it is such a nuisance having to hide where they’ve been joined all the time and, you’re right, I’d love to try a smaller corset."

"I can certainly book you in for an operation," the woman offered helpfully. "It’s a routine procedure here but I think it would be best of you mentioned this to Julia first. The doctors usually like to be sure that their patients don’t have any outstanding relationship difficulties to contend with."

"Today?" Robert asked.

"Why not?"

Later that morning, Robert found himself ushered from his room. He followed the stranger silently, doing his best to walk as gracefully as he could manage in his five-inch heels. His friend, the beautician, had helped him to tidy his makeup and shown him which earrings he should wear in his freshly pierced ears. Taking one last look at himself in a long mirror, Robert made a seamless transition into his feminine persona and became Roberta once more. Feeling much more confident in the feminine role, Roberta knocked on Julia’s door and then entered, trying to appear as resolute as possible.

Roberta gasped when she saw what Julia had now become and realized for the first time how thorough her fiancée’s induction must have been. Julia was seated comfortably on a sleek leather chair, her feet perched precariously on a pair of seven- or eight-inch heels. Her legs were sealed in gleaming latex stockings, their polished black surfaces perfectly matched to the gloss rubber of her tightly laced corset.

Julia turned her immaculately made up face towards her visitor, the spiked leather collar around her throat forcing her to hold her head up proudly as she lazily studied Roberta’s lacy dress and the curvaceous figure it now contained.

"Your transformation is also progressing rather well I see," Julia observed coldly. "You’ve developed into a remarkably attractive young woman, Robert. You should be pleased with the improvements they’ve made; I certainly am."

"I’m called Roberta now." Roberta stammered in confusion. "And that’s what I came to talk to you about. I’ve stopped fighting them now. There didn’t seem any point…"

Julia silenced him with a dismissive wave of her hand, long red talons glinting dangerously in the light as she spoke.

"Whatever," she said dismissively. "As you can see, my own conversion was also remarkably successful. They told me afterwards that you were watching when it happened so there’s little point hiding the truth from you. In reality, my only regret about all this is that I didn’t do it sooner but now that it’s happened, I don’t think I’d ever go back."

Julia paused while she lit a cigarette, something Robert had never seen her do before. She exhaled luxuriously.

"I never realized how… how stimulating it would be to wear such beautiful clothes," she purred seductively. "Latex feels so wonderful against the skin and, as you can see, it’s a very flattering material. Sara loves to see me rubber…"

She hesitated, watching for her ex-fiancé’s reaction to this news. "Sara is my lover now," Julia explained. "You will have seen her through the one-way mirror when she first kissed me. There are still a few teething problems of course. It took some time to get used to being with another woman, but Sara seduced me quickly enough and, even though I now feel perfectly at home in high heels and a latex corset, she always wants me to be even more imaginative."

"I haven’t yet come to terms with some of her more elaborate suggestions," Julia continued, "but I’m sure it won’t be long before she’s turned me into a proper fetishist. There’s another session this afternoon if you’d like to watch. You seem to have developed a taste for voyeurism along with your penchant for girlie dresses and rather boring heels."

Roberta stood up, sobbing uncontrollably at Julia’s cruel words. "Julia, it’s over between us," she whimpered. "I wanted to tell you before my operation tomorrow, but I wish I’d never come to see you now. I don’t know who you are anymore."

Roberta spun around on her heels and fled from the room, hearing Julia’s laughter following her down the hallway as she ran. Eventually she collapsed on her bed, safe in the security of her familiar surroundings, and cried for the rest of the afternoon. The only thing she had to look forward to was tomorrow’s surgery, the surgery that would finally give her the voluptuous body she now craved more than anything else in the world. Roberta then slept, grateful for the dreams that transported her from the cruel reality of her loss into a fantasy of glamorous femininity.


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