Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Touch of Spice


On the way home, I more or less knew this was permanent, but hoped against hope something would change.

As soon as we entered the door Felicia said, "Mother and I will be taking care of the packages, Giselle. I want you to relax in the tub dear. You've had a long day. I'll be up to take care of you, sweetheart," she said with a smile and a conspirator's wink

She didn't have to tell me twice. In nothing flat I was running a hot bath, naked and in the tub waiting for my love, full make-up still intact.

Felicia entered with her hands and arms quite full. She hung up a nightie set, placed a bowl on the vanity after filling it with hot water. Then she began pouring scented bath oil in the tub. She motioned for me to stir the oil into the water, as she stated sweetly, "We need to get you all smooth, clean, sweet-smelling, fluffy and pretty for tonight, dear. You and I are going to have some real fun. Just like Beverly and I used to have in the old days."

I looked at her pleadingly and she continued. "Don't pout at me, dearest. I've told you more than once how much I sometimes missed my Bev. How I wished you'd femme up for me once in a while and be like her. Well, tonight, dear, I've stopped asking. This evening, I've decided to take full control. Tonight, I'm your mistress and you're my sweet little lover girl. Stand up and we'll shave those legs. Now, dearest! I'm waiting!" She said this with the firmness and confidence of a true domme. The humiliating spanking I would soon get would finish off any resistance I still had left. At this point, I decided not to resist, out of the fear of what she might do should I refuse.

I stood up meekly as she soaped my legs, chest, and genitals. She worked efficiently, humming to herself, and smiling. Once she had taken care of my now-aroused genital area, she continued with my chest. Completing that, she handed me the razor, saying in a commanding tone, "You've shaved mother's legs enough, you can do your own. Rinse the razor in the water bowl as I did. Keeps hair out of the tub."

Turning towards the door, she stopped, and as an afterthought said, "Please use that hairdo bonnet hanging on that towel rack. You needn't ruin that lovely do Rebecca gave you. Don't muss your make-up either. If you do muss it, repair it. I know you've fixed Elaine's plenty of times. When you're finished, put on some White Shoulders, that powder-blue baby-doll set, and those heels. Then come to my bedroom. We're going to confirm who's boss in this relationship."

I knew when she left that this was indeed a permanent thing. I hadn't said a word in my behalf. Not a word.

Thirty minutes later I did my best to prance into the room, in as feminine a manner as I could. Make-up repaired, heavily perfumed, hair fluffed with a bow attached on the side. I'd even thought about putting matching polish on my fingers and toenails, but couldn't find any Black Cherry.

My mistress, and I knew she was my mistress, sat comfortably on the love seat in her bedroom, holding a plastic hairbrush in her hand. I would soon find out that my bedroom was the room next to hers.

"Well, well. What a pretty, sexy girl. Too bad we're going to have to spank her," Felicia said with a mock pout. She motioned to me saying, "Over my lap, Giselle. Just a couple of love taps to put things in perspective. A pink butt is an obedient butt, I always say."

I didn't hesitate, although I was certainly scared. As I positioned myself over her lap she slipped my ruffled, baby-doll bottoms down, running her hand over my butt, and cooing softly to me.

She then said with firmness, "Okay, Giselle, honey, you can hold on to that end of the love seat. I don't want you falling on the floor. If you have to, go right ahead and kick those smooth little legs of yours and shriek and squeal for all your worth. Don't worry about mom hearing you. She'll probably come in to watch anyway. Another time we'll set some rules for spankings. You know--counting the swats and thanking me?"

She phrased it as if I got spanked all the time. "Here we go sweetheart!" she warned. Smack!

Then a few more and I began to kick and scream just as she had predicted.

Apparently, Elaine was too busy to watch, as she never came in. Not that night, anyway.

As the spanking and my sobbing continued, the whole aura of my submissive femininity began to take over. I began to feel helpless, controlled, and tingly. I was also very aroused. I began to rotate my pelvis into Felicia's lap and make babyish whimpers. She responded by lessening the force of the spanks before she stopped altogether. I then felt her oiled hand begin to rub and pat my hot, red butt. The combination of being soothed along with my increasing arousal caused me to begin to beg, "Oh please, my mistress, make me your sex toy! Do anything you want to me! Please! I need you so desperately!"

That was what she'd wanted me to hear. I'm almost certain of that. Possibly not those exact words. My surrender to her will, completely, was what was important. She helped me to my feet and pulled me to the bed using my engorged penis to drag me along.

Once on the bed I was positioned on my back with my feet towards the headboard. My baby-doll bottoms were still pulled to my thighs, my heels still on. Removing her negligee, she mounted me and lowered herself onto my face, looking down at me the whole time. My whimpering was soon replaced by the muffled sounds of me licking her clitoris.

Soon she was grinding her pelvis into my face and mouth. Between my slurps and gasps, I heard her tease me about smearing my make-up. Then I felt her tense as she threw herself back, her gorgeous breasts thrusting out. She shuddered to an orgasm and laid beside me,pulling me to her.

"Oh, sweet Giselle. You've been really good for Mistress Felicia. That's how we want to do it. Never ever come until I let you baby. Would you like to come, Giselle? Ask me nice,then. Real nice," she added.

I was very surprised, as it had been the best lovemaking we'd ever had. I wanted to complete it for me desperately. I had no trouble begging for a couple of minutes for permission to have an orgasm.

"Of course you can, baby. I'm a very kind mistress when my girl has been obedient. Let's see. I want to put you into a cute position and have you do something very sissy-like to make it fun for both of us. Oh! I know!" she said happily.

Putting me in a kneeling position on the bed, with my torso upright, she handed me the same hairbrush used to spank me. She held a small bottle of Aloe Vera gel. She sat on the bed facing me and slid herself so her legs were either side of my waist. She began to massage my unladylike rod with her hands coated with the gel. She moved her hands as if she were moisturizing them, but in this case my penis was in between. I was in paradise. Smiling she said, " Okay, sweet thing, brush my hair. Make believe you're a salon girl. Tell me how pretty I am. Stare directly at me when you do it. Right at my face. Right into my eyes. Tell me I'm gorgeous and that I have beautiful hair. Do it baby!" she said with a hot, sexy, throaty voice.

I've done similar favors for her while she's had hold of me. She's fully in control. I'll do and say anything. I've sat on a dresser while she's been in front of me in a chair, while I put hot rollers in her hair. I've applied her lipstick for her and made up her face, her sitting on the bed, me standing. Sometimes she'll have me talk with a lisp. Other times I'm made to tell her what a good (or bad) little sissy I've been that day.

The commonalities in these situations are threefold: She is massaging my genitals, I'm doing something very sissy and swish, and when she gives me her permission, I have the most intense orgasms possible. She brings me to such a peak, and my release is so complete that I am brought to the sweet tears of surrender. This first night as her submissive girl was no different. When the day did finally dawn, I was still safe in her arms, and ready to become whatever she wanted me to be. Girlfriend, maid, submissive lesbian lover--it didn't matter. I could and I would. She only need say the word.

Elaine had her own ideas. Although they conflicted with Felicia's, Elaine was well-intentioned. It's just, that as coconspirators, there was a slight miscommunication, between them. Nothing serious. We worked it out. Beverly, whom I once distrusted, was a great help.

"My but you two were noisy last evening. I do hope you had a good time," Elaine commented the morning after at breakfast. "Goodness you both look lovely today. Especially you, Giselle. Felicia, while you're at the office today, I'll get Giselle started on some charm lessons, among other things. We don't want anyone ever doubting her station or her pedigree. It's very important." She said this as if it were routine. I smiled. I was thrilled she would take the time to teach me.

"Yes, mother. It is important. For my sake, would you make sure she has my lounging pajamas, some foot cream, and three fingers of Pinch, neat, waiting for me when I get home?" Turning to me, with a wink, she said, " I have no objection to you being in something very comfortable either, girlie."

"Daughter, dear, remember, I'll be here also when you arrive. You could wait for the something comfortable stage. Possibly later in the evening," Elaine said, a little put off.

"Okay, mother. By the way, some type of quiche would be nice this evening," Felicia said as she kissed me and went out the door.

Elaine, not to be outdone, watched her through the front window as Felicia got into her Audi. Mummy shook her head and commented, "She was always a bossy child. Got her way. Without complaining though. Very persuasive. I'm proud of her."

Then, to me she said, "Well, my child, I'm proud of you also. You've made impressive strides. I'm very pleased. Today, your journey into womanhood will continue. You're dearly loved by my social set. You're their darling, even now. I intend to make you a social butterfly. The 'Belle of the Ball,' so to speak. Shall we begin?" she asked with a smile and conspirator's wink.

"Oh yes, mummy Elaine. Teach me. Teach me to be like you! Please?" I actually pleaded.

I had no idea what I was getting into, but hardly cared. I just knew I was going to love being fussed and fawned over, being pampered and petted--the center of attention. "Mummy's girl."

Elaine was good at what she did. If I had been the darling of her social set before, as she had predicted, I became their little social butterfly. If I wasn't with Elaine at a girlfriend's house for tea, we were "doing lunch" at her club. I learned all the social graces. She gave me intense charm lessons that were not without their moments of discomfort over her knee.

Felicia would notice my pink butt in bed and laugh, "Don't worry. My strap-on won't go anywhere near that part of your butt tonight."

I still performed adequately in bed. I still maintained my good cooking and housekeeping skills. I even donned a maid's uniform when told to because I adored the way I looked. Adoring the way I looked and needing to be the center of attention would prove to affect our sex life. I grew to love spending all morning at the salon and having the girls go way overboard in complimenting me that afternoon at the club. There was no way I wanted to get mussed by Felicia that evening, Mistress or not.

We were now in our new home, maybe three weeks, when things came to a head. That morning I'd cleaned house until maybe nine, having risen at seven to see Felicia off to the office. Then I'd really dolled up because mummy and I were going to an art show, then to a friend's for a late lunch.

Felicia decided to surprise me by coming home for a romantic interlude at noon. I hadn't mentioned a thing about going out with mummy. I rarely did. We just went out a lot together. I took it for granted. Mummy pulled in right behind Felicia. I minced out the door, gave Felicia a dainty little wiggle of my fingers, blew her a kiss, and said, "Hello love. Can't talk. Mummy and I have a big day planned. See you around sixish." Never missed a beat.

Felicia stared at me all the way to mummy's car and we drove off. We were at the art show when mummy's cell phone beeped. Always the lady, she took her conversation into the powder room. I waited politely, chatting with a couple of my "fans," chatting about, not the artwork, but my favorite designers.

Elaine was in the powder room quite some time, I gather, but I hardly noticed, being thoroughly self-absorbed in my showing off. She smiled as she walked up to our group saying, "You'll have to excuse Giselle and myself, girls, something's come up. Nothing serious. I'll explain at the ladies brunch tomorrow. Come along, precious." She smiled as everyone said their surprised good-byes.

I obediently minced behind her, asking questions a mile a minute until she turned to me and said, "Quiet please, little missy. I'll explain in the car on the way to your new home. You, on the other hand, will remain completely silent. No questions, no idle chatter. Is that understood?" she asked with a firmness she rarely used with me, except just prior to a spanking.

I nodded timidly and whispered, "Yes, mummy dearest."

On the way home she was her usual firm but understanding self. She explained much of what was happening and even shouldered much of the responsibility. As I gracefully stepped from her car and blew her a kiss, she smiled and told me, "Giselle, this is only temporary. It is however time for me to let go of you, so you can flower as my daughter's wife." She went on, "I have a venture I need to pursue for my own satisfaction. You need time to grow with Felicia. Remember, we only live a few miles apart."

As she drove away, I waved, and I walked into the house. Felicia appeared to be in the process of leaving. I was shocked and my face must have shown it. "Don't worry princess, I should be back in about ninety minutes. I was unable to cancel one of my afternoon appointments. It's a consultation." She said as she put her coat on.

"Anyway, we will be discussing a few things when I return. It wouldn't hurt for you to be in something sexy. For instance, the baby-dolls laid out on our bed." She meant business, but I decided to be slightly defiant.

"Yes, ma'am. Are there any other instructions?" I asked a little too impertinently.

She spun around at the door and strode towards me, "As a matter of fact there are!" she exclaimed. "I'd like you to shower, Ms. Liz Taylor, and shampoo the goo out of that dated bouffant flip you wear. Then re-style your hair natural and tousled, like the wench I want you to be. Make-up? Sexy, but be ready to smear it all over me. Any other questions?" She truly affirmed her dominance with her next statement.

"Before you answer--don't ever again use that flippant tone of voice with me. I'll put you right over my knee. Understood?" She stared at me and then walked up to me and held me. I began to sob. We both did some apologizing. Me, for being so absorbed in myself. She for her devotion to her work.

As she wiped my tears she took a deep breath and said, "This will appear to be bad timing." She looked at her watch. "I have a few moments. Let's sit down."

She began, "Bev's condo lease is up soon. She's nowhere near to finding a home to buy. I told her she could move in to the guest apartment here until she does. This has nothing to do with us. If anything, she'd like to help. I need to have you begin sharing in decisions like this. How do you feel about it?" she asked.

As much as I wanted to say no, I did my best to smile and said, "I feel okay about it."

Today I'm thrilled that I did. Bev is really lots of fun. She can be strict. Sometimes stricter then mummy or Felicia even. The good thing is, she loves Felicia as much as I do.

"That's great, Giselle. You're so sweet! Give Mistress ninety minutes, give or take a few, and we'll make up for lost time. Remember, really hot and sexy. Okay?" She gave me her most seductive wink.

I headed for the bathroom. I planned to take less than ninety minutes. I wanted to be waiting for her at the door.

I made it. So have the three of us.


"Bevy, Giselle, we'll be late," Felicia called. "Oh, okay, you're ready." She smiled.

"Yes, and we look hot, too," Bev said as she pinched my butt. She continued to playfully tease me. "You won't feel jealous seeing some one else at Elaine's wearing the maid's uniform, will you, Giselle?"

I laughed, "No, Madame Beverly, I wear one enough around here." I giggled, really in character, as she swatted my butt.

I took the back seat in the car after holding the door open for Felicia. Bev stood at her door, so I got out, sashayed around to the passenger side, curtseyed and held the door open for her. She winked as she climbed in, mentioning I shouldn't forget my place, then she smiled.

Felicia, as usual, was above it all. She knows her place, she's our queen.

It's a beautiful day to visit mummy. She made such a big deal over me when she saw me. "My goodness! You're a redhead! Those curls!" She gave me a big hug.

Mandee, promoted from pool boy to ladies maid, definitely had mummy's mark on her--lovely adult maid's uniform but those jet-black sausage curls really screamed out mummy's sissy. She served us beautifully.

Tanya from the hair salon entered from the rear of the house and there were greetings all around. I was puzzled by her presence momentarily.

"I really do have to run, girls. A private appointment with our new governor, at her mansion," she explained. "God, am I glad she dumped that bozo. I hated going over there. He was always pawing at me after I'd get her under the dryer," she added with a mock shiver.

She continued, "Elaine, your three students are waiting for you to excuse them, so they can call home for their rides. They did really well with their beauty lesson, especially Percy, I mean Rachel. I gave them home work, but told them to wait for you for dismissal." She waved and waltzed out the door.

Mummy rang her little maid's call bell and Mandee pranced in and curtseyed. I could see she was still having just a tad of trouble with her six-inch heels. Not much, just a very little. I could see that mummy noticed, too. Probably had her wearing them because of company. I was sure this shortcoming would be brought to Mandee's attention later in the evening.

"Mandee, excuse the girls from their lesson for today. They're on the patio. Have them wait for their ride, in my office. Make sure they're told to sit quietly. If they have written homework, they can start on it. Call Miriam Grant, Danielle's older sister. She's picking the three up." She said this in such an organized professional way.

As Mandee walked away, I saw Elaine do something very out of character. She lightly touched Mandee's thigh and winked at her. I thought I noticed Mandee shiver just a little and take one or two unsteady steps.

Mummy turned back to us and told us what a joy it was helping her friends with the "uncooperative young boys" in their lives, and how rewarding it was "watching these same young ruffians bloom into demure, gentle, flowers."

She was right. When Miriam Grant showed up, those three little angels left in demure single file, after curtseying to everyone and kissing mummy goodbye.

We left about an hour later, making a date with mummy to go to a dressage competition.

Bev had me sit between her and Felicia on the way home. When she started to rub my leg, I knew it would be a long Sunday night. Especially when Felicia's hand went underneath my black leather mini dress. Things had really changed.


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