Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Crime and Punishment--Part One

Detective Sally Morton got out of her car and walked over to the uniformed officers guarding the scene. "Okay, what's the story?" she asked.

The uniform jerked his thumb behind him. "We found that one sitting on the park bench, staring into space and mumbling...."

"So, is she catatonic or what?" Morton asked.

"Not catatonic...more like hypnotized," the officer responded. "And maybe not a 'she'...here's the ID we found." He handed Sally an out-of-state driver's license.

"Hmmm...Terrence Oliver." She studied the photo on the license and compared it to the glazed look on the person on the bench. "Yeah, could it be the same person--with a lot of expert makeup work. But why 'hypnotized'?"

"Go listen to the mumbling," the officer advised.

Sally went and sat next to the "woman." Leaning close, she heard the following, repeated over and over:

"I am a happily hypnotized tranceslut. Obedience is pleasure. I am a happily hypnotized tranceslut. Obedience is pleasure...."

Standing, she gestured to the paramedics waiting nearby. "Get...her...to the hospital and see what you can do for her." As they went into action, she saw her partner, Mike Wells, come up. "What have you got, Mike?"

He held up a business card. "Found this on the ground by her feet." Sally read the card:

Madame Fabricantfille
Live out your fantasies of femininity...

There was a near-by address and a phone number.

"Why don't you check this out, Mike? Sounds like one of those professional dominatrixes that work out of the lofts around here...and what kind of name is 'Fabricantfille' anyway?"

"It's French," Mike replied, proud to show off his linguistic skills. "Roughly translated, it means 'girl-maker'." He waved as he got into his car. "Don't worry...I'm on it."


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