Friday, August 7, 2015

Crime and Punishment--Part Three

Sally faced the tall woman clad all in latex. Behind her glasses, her eyes seemed to glow...Sally had difficulty looking away.

"Michelle, why don't you join Theresa in the play room?" Madame Fabricantfille said. "I'll join you both there shortly." The transformed Mike curtseyed and minced out of the room through a door in the opposite wall. "Now, Detective, have a seat and I'll explain many things..." She gestured to a pair of armchairs. She strode confidently to the one facing the door and sat, while Sally moved more cautiously to the other. She had a feeling this woman could be dangerous.

"Look...Madame Fab--" she began.

The woman cut her off. "Call me Madame F," she said. "I know my name can be quite a mouthful. Let me anticipate your questions:

"About your partner--Mike has been a secret cross-dresser for quite some time. I see that shocks you. Why did you think he so eagerly jumped at the chance to 'investigate' me? Very quickly in our interview I determined his real interest was in undergoing one of my transformations."

Sally started to speak, but Madame F cut her off again. "His change is not permanent. The post-hypnotic suggestions I gave him operate only within these walls. Here he is Michelle...outside he will always be Mike, your very competent partner. And there is no charge for my services to him--call it a contribution to the well-being of our police department."

"What about Terrence Oliver?" Sally demanded.

"That is a somewhat different story. Most of my clients are voluntary, like Michelle. Some are brought here to have bad behavior corrected...some are even brought here, surreptitiously, by the authorities. Terrence is one of those. He had a history of mistreating women--beating them, actually. It was those given charge of his adjudication...that even incarceration was unlikely to redeem him. Indeed, it might make him worse.

"Terrence was brought here six weeks ago. It has taken that long to create Theresa."

"He called himself a 'tranceslut'--something he was mumbling when we picked him up," Sally said.

"Ah, oui," Madame F nodded. "Theresa's mantra. A 'tranceslut' is a person who is addicted to being hypnotized...who receives erotic pleasure from it. I soon discovered Terrence was one of those. I assure you, she was quite happy sitting there, her trance deepening with every repetition of her mantra, her arousal growing as well. Unfortunately, one of my servants left the door open and Theresa wandered off in her deeply hypnotized state."

Madame F rose. "Now, come with me to the playroom. After I demonstrate some things there, I have a proposition for you."


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