Monday, August 3, 2015

Who Are You? A Final Analysis

Although a survey like the one I just completed here is not, strictly speaking, scientific, it does give some indication of who is reading this blog. (It's not scientific because it is what statisticians call "self-selecting"--in other words, only those who choose to answer the survey do so.)

The results indicate that the vast majority of my readers are over the age of 40 (nearly 80 percent); nearly 60 percent are either professionals or retired; more than half live in the eastern part of the United States (only 17 percent are not US residents).

Eighty percent began wearing female clothes before they were 15; for the largest group (33 percent), that initial item was hosiery of some kind (although a significant number said "other"...since I neglected to include panties, I suspect that might be a high-ranking selection as well); more than half now dress in some feminine clothing at least once a week.

Sixty-three percent have a spouse or other significant other; of those, 80 percent say their SO knows about their cross-dressing; of those, 75 percent of the SOs are supportive.

Finally, 84 percent of you discovered this blog by following a link from another site; the overwhelming favorite thing on the blog is my fiction; and that is also the one thing more of you want to see more of than anything else.

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