Wednesday, August 19, 2015

In Memoriam: Yvonne Craig

I'm interrupting the posting of the photo sessions from last weekend for this sad report.

One of the icons of my youth--one of the women I would have wanted to be--has passed on. Yvonne Craig was undoubtedly best known as Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) on the Batman TV series in the 1960s and for some also as Marta the green Orion girl in Star Trek's "Whom Gods Destroy" episode, but she had a long, thriving career before that. Unfortunately, her career did seem to stall out after playing the "Dominoed Dare-doll" as DC Comics called her character...probably because producers and directors feared the audience would always say, "Hey, it's Batgirl!"

She was 78 and the cause was cancer.

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Anonymous said...

This is indeed very sad news. She was one of my first crushes.
And I would have loved to have worn some of her outfits.
She will be missed.