Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Crime and Punishment--Part Four

They entered the playroom and found Michelle on the floor, playing with a Barbie doll. "Inside the playroom, any trace of Mike the detective disappears, and she becomes the eight-year-old girl she truly wants to be," Madame F explained.

But Theresa was strapped into a straight-back chair, a look of ecstasy in her glazed eyes. Once again she chanted her "tranceslut" mantra. "Theresa is being conditioned to love her transformed status even more. There is a vibrating dildo attached to the chair and it penetrates her ass-pussy. As it pulses, she experiences orgasm after orgasm. Look--here comes one, now!"

Theresa's mantra stopped in a gasp as her body stiffened and Sally could see a dark stain appear at her crotch. "After 24 hours, Theresa will orgasm at simply the word 'hypnotized,' Madame F noted.

She led Sally to a table at the rear of the room. "Why do you want me to see all this?" the detective asked.

"In your investigations, you undoubtedly come across many men who you know to be guilty of crimes against women...but who you cannot arrest or prosecute due to lack of evidence," Madame F began. "Would you like to be able to punish them?"

"Of course," Sally replied. "What do you have in mind?"

"I can teach you to be a powerful hypnotist...not as powerful as moi, but sufficient to bring any man under your control quite easily. Then, you can turn these cochons over to me for further transformation...."


Six months later, Detective Sally Morton sat in interrogation, staring intently at Robert Ellis. Ellis was long suspected of being a serial rapist, but he was careful to keep his face hidden and to dispose of any DNA evidence. Now, Sally had the tools to punish him.

"Look at me, Robert...see how determined I am. I am determined to put you in my power," she said, her voice droning. Ellis discovered he could not look away. "Yes, that's it, eyes draw you in...they will not let you go. You are in my control, aren't you?"

"In your control," he murmured.

"Good. Now, here are my instructions...."

A short time later, Sally was forced to release Robert Ellis for lack of evidence. She turned him over to her partner, Mike. "You know what to do, Mike," she said.

"Oh, yes, Sally, I do," Mike nodded, grinning.


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