Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Seduced into Satin

[This story uses the same set of images as the previously posted "Mom's Model Son". I forget why I did that...]

It's arrived at last! Sarah thought as she tore open the package. If this works, it'll be worth every penny I spent in ordering it. She sat down with the brochure immediately and began scanning it, checking the contents of the package against the instructions for use.

That night, Sarah appeared in the bedroom clad in the sexiest satin nightgown she could find at Victoria's Secret. "Wow!" her husband James exclaimed.

"You like?" she asked, innocently. He nodded. Sarah got into bed next to him and snuggled close, letting the smooth, soft satin of the gown caress James's bare chest. She gathered part of the gown in her hand and reached inside his shorts with it, softly stroking his privates with the fabric. She felt his cock grow and heard him moan.

"That's it, James," she said. "Feel the soft, smooth satin. It feels good against your skin, doesn't it? You like the way it makes your nipples feel, don't you? You like the way it makes your cock grow." Her voice became softer, yet more insistent, and she continuously repeated the words. "Soft, smooth satin," she said, over and over.

After some 20 minutes of this teasing and lulling, Sarah suddenly pulled away, leaving a frustrated James in arousal. He reached for the satin gown, tried to continue the erotic caress on his own--but Sarah pulled the sensuous fabric from his hands. "Uh-uh," she denied him. "This is my gown."

"Please, Sarah..." James implored.

"You want the soft, smooth satin?" she asked.

"Yes," he pleaded.

Sarah got up and went to her dresser; she pulled out another gown, identical to the one she was wearing, but several sizes larger. "This is for you, James," she said. She held it up, let its full length fall to the floor. James reached for it, managed to grasp the hem and stroke his cock with it again.

"Would you like to wear the soft, smooth satin?" Sarah asked.

"Only girls wear satin nightgowns," James answered.

"Do you want to wear it?" Sarah repeated.

James hung his head. "Yes," he answered quietly.

"Then you will have to become a girl, won't you?" Sarah asked, triumphantly. "Or else you can never feel the soft, smooth satin again, can you?" James nodded, completely lost in the spell of satin Sarah had created. Sarah instructed him to remove his shorts, then helped him put on the shimmering nightgown. As soon as the satin touched his cock, it sprang to full life, creating an enormous bulge in the front of the gown.

"That will never do," Sarah chided. "Girls do not have such unsightly lumps in their nightgowns." She turned back to the dresser and came up with a pair of satin panties in the same color as the gown. "Put these on," she demanded.

James meekly took the panties from her and, reaching under the hem of the gown, pulled them up over his loins. "They are the same soft, smooth satin as the gown," Sarah told him. "Don't they feel delicious?"

Now Sarah lay back with James on the bed, caressing his cock and his nipples through the satin, bringing him closer and closer to release, repeating "Soft, smooth satin" over and over as he came closer and closer to orgasm. "Say it with me, Jami," she commanded.

And James began to repeat the mantra with her, until it became a cry of delight as he came in his soft, smooth satin panties.


One month later, James had not spent an hour since that first night without some piece of satin clothing on his body. Moreover, Sarah merely had to say to him, "Soft, smooth satin," to create an instant erection and a passionate need to act and dress as femininely as possible, in the manner Sarah directed.

Naturally, Sarah's friends didn't believe her tales of such absolute control of her feminized husband, so she invited them to a party to show off her new slave/lover.

The women were gathered in the living room as Sarah entered from the hallway. "I can't tell how I've been dying to show my little Jami to you all," she announced. She turned to the stairway and called, "Jami, the ladies are ready for you."

Moments later, a much-changed Jami minced into the living room. Her dark hair curled softly at her shoulders. Her makeup was impeccably done, making her look like a teenage model. She wore a cropped turtleneck sweater; a shiny silver miniskirt, nylons, ankle socks and silver pumps with five-inch heels.

The women applauded wildly. Jami blushed.

"Sarah, I thought you said that a fetish for satin was the trigger for changing and controlling Jami," one neighbor asked. "Where's the satin?"

Sarah turned to Jami: "Dear, would you please show everyone your lovely satin bra?" Still blushing, Jami shook her head no. Sarah scowled. "Jami, please show everyone your soft, smooth satin bra."

Now unable to resist as her arousal grew along with her need to obey, Jami pulled up the hem of her sweater, revealing the shiny pink satin bra that lifted and held her tits so proudly.

"Are those boobs real?" one of the visitors asked.

"Of course," Sarah replied. "I've had Jami on hormones ever since I first placed him under the satin spell. Next week, she has an appointment for implants."

"And she'll obey you in anything, even sex?"

"Especially in sex," Sarah answered, smiling. She turned back to her once-husband. "Jami, these ladies would like to see how you react to
soft, smooth satin." She handed him a satin scarf. "Please sit down here on this stool and use this scarf to make yourself come."

The guests watched in fascination as the fetish-mesmerized TV reached under her short skirt and took her already engorged cock in hand, wrapping the satin scarf around it and stroking it gently, but with increasing intensity.

As her climax approached, Jami began to gasp and then, as she filled the scarf with her come, she cried, "I am Mistress Sarah's slave to soft, smooth satin!"


Another month went by, with Jami now living full-time in feminine guise. She was completely aware of all the changes Sarah had made in her, both mind and body: She now preferred giving her wife oral sex to regular intercourse; she was more likely to come herself through stimulation of her nipples or ass than her cock (always with satin involved, of course); she felt naked without makeup on and she could not abide the feel of anything except satin on her breasts or privates. Her breasts were now a firm round 36C; her hips had also been filled out; months of walking in high heels had firmed her calves and thighs into shapely curves--in fact, her legs hurt if she wore anything less than a three-inch heel.

Jami and Sarah were on a trip downtown, combining shopping with a visit to a location Sarah would not reveal. Jami wore an elegant white day dress with fingerless gloves and a matching hat (all with satin undergarments, of course). She stopped for a moment to adjust the strap on her white sandals with the four-inch heels. A full-length mirror was to her left.

"Look at yourself, Jami dearest." Sarah advised. Still leaning to fix her shoe, Jami looked in the mirror. "Aren't you lovely? Aren't you glad I feminized you with soft, smooth satin?"

Unable to object once those words were spoken, Jami smiled and answered, "Yes, Mistress, I'm very happy."

A few moments later, they approached a building on a side street. "This is our destination, Jami," Sarah said. "I just had to let my instructors see how beautifully you turned out."

As they entered the building, they passed a reception desk with a nameplate labeled "Mitzi". As they walked by, they heard the receptionist say, giggling, "IGR--Institute for Gender Realignment. How may I help you?"



JeannaZ said...

Loved this one pretty Dani. It evokes so many happy memories of my very own foray into the world of my satiny adventures.

Pretty Sissy Dani said...

Thanks, Jeanna...nice to see you here and commenting.

Anonymous said...

feminize all them