Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More Pants

Originally, this outfit was going to be yesterday afternoon's dressing/photo session, but last-minute errands got in the way. At any rate, this session had so many attractive poses, I had difficulty deciding on just two to post here (the rest are, as usual, on Flickr).

After the session this morning, I went out shopping, hoping to find new stuff for later this week and next. Absolutely no luck, though. Burlington had sold out of the lovely suit I'd seen last time I was there (at least in any size I could remotely hope to fit in) and Target still seems to be holding off on getting in the fall line. I did see one nice black dress...but I have so much black stuff I hesitated to get it. They've also finally begun to get in some new shoes and there's a gorgeous pair of gray suede mary-janes...but I'll have to wait 'til next pay day to afford those--hope they're still there in size 11!

I also checked Payless again for all those beautiful styles they've had on their website, and still none of them are in the stores. So, today, I sent an e-mail to their customer service to inquire.

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