Thursday, September 17, 2009

Old Clothes, New Ideas

So, I pulled out some of my older outfits to try some new ideas for them...

I started with an old fave...the denim skirt with the pink heart t-shirt. At first, I was going to try this combo with the wide black belt, but it didn't really gel. So I went back to the white belt and added the scarf...worn this time as a sort of bandanna...and one of the headbands.

Oh...and I'm blonde this week and next.

The second outfit for today was the red-and-black tunic and skirt...except I decided to tuck the top inside the skirt and use the wide red belt instead of the skinny black one that came with the ensemble. Now this I really liked--anything that helps to define my waist is a plus. And I went with a newer pair of shoes...the red fabric slingbacks I bought over the summer.

More pics are on Flickr.

The wife is going on a business trip over the weekend, but unfortunately, I have some social and business obligations as well, so dressing will really not be an option. But...I will be able to have the glorious luxury of sleeping in my satin nightgown! And to finally use my sexy marabou mule slippers...I promise some pictures.

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Karen Singer said...

Both these outfits are great! I like the brighter mix of colors - very feminine. And in my mind, you can't go wrong with a denim skirt.