Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pre-Labor Day Dressing, Part Four

This outfit is made up of two items I'd never put together before. The top is the red one from my very first purchase at Wal-mart almost two years ago; the skirt is the very attractive and sexy checked skirt from Kmart, purchased this summer. The combination was more successful than I'd imagined.

Here's a pose I've never done before--reclining on the floor, resting my arms on the ottoman. It's surprisingly girlish in effect.

The second pose here is an attempt to duplicate a fave pose seen on red-carpets all the time...legs together, looking back over the shoulder. It always seems sexy and coquettish when done by the likes of Hayden Panatierre and Alyssa Milano. I don't seem to have quite pulled it off.

(OK...I'm nowhere near as cute as either of them--but you know what I mean!)

Accessories are gold jewelry, black belt, headband, fishnet hose, and red baby-doll pumps.

More pics on Flickr.

Not sure if I'll be able to dress next week...lots of appointments planned. One thing for certain--next time I do, it'll be several variations with pants.


Karen Singer said...

I think I like this second outfit better. The added color really makes it look very feminine.


Pretty Sissy Dani said...

Yeah, it does look good...but the other dress--in person, at least--has an understated elegance that I like.