Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pre-Labor Day Dressing, Part Three

I started today with the new dress from Burlington Coat Factory. It's a brown knit dress in a stretchy fabric...and thank goodness it is stretchy, because, girls, it is tight! So tight, in fact, that I first feared I would have to take it back as too small.

But I worked it out. First of all, it is one of the few dresses I own that I have to step into, like a skirt, rather than pull over my head. I also discovered I had to slip my boobs in after getting the dress on. It zips up the back...and with another person's help, I might have gotten it zipped all the way...but I decided it didn't look bad with the "open" back.

I like the length, I like the faux wrap styling, I like the detail of the little buckle. It is elegant and comfortable (yes, despite being tight). If I could wear it out, it would be too a slightly fancy, but not formal, party.

Accessories are pearl and silver jewelry, headband with rosette, fishnet hose, and bone pumps. I chose the fishnets to add a touch of sex to the outfit.

I really like the seated pose...looks like someone just walked in I wasn't expecting!

More pics on Flickr and another outfit (but not new) later today.

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