Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pre-Labor Day Dressing, Part 1

I intend to spend almost all of today--at least from about 8:30AM 'til 4:00PM--fully dressed. And I mean fully: I haven't even taken off my wig as I often do when not taking pictures.

I started the morning in one of the new dresses from Kmart. It's a green knit dress with a henley-style collar (at least, I think it's green...the ol' color-blindness is setting in again). I decided to wear it with the buttons completely open and a lacy camisole peeking out. Other accessories are gold jewelry, nude hose, and black pumps.

The little "nipple poke" in the seated shot is thanks to the knots in the balloons of my fake boobs. Makes a neat appearance, huh?

More pics on Flickr...and more later of another outfit.

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