Monday, September 14, 2009

Pants Can Be Sexy

In my younger dressing days, I never wore pants as a girl. After all, I figured, I can wear pants all the time, why should I do it when I want to look like a girl?

But in my return to dressing, I discovered both the comfort and the glamour of women's trousers. I have three pair--one in black, one in pinstripe, and a pair of orange palazzo lounging slacks. Today, I'm doing some photography with the business-like ones.

To start, here's the black pants, worn with the top from the red Jaclyn Smith ensemble (a new combination), the wide black belt, new grey pumps, and silver jewelry:

I suspect each of these is destined to take a place among my favorite pictures of myself. The standing one is just so natural and casual, yet mildly sexy in its forthrightness. The seated one is also casual and natural, and has a feminine look as well.

More pics on Flickr, and more here later.

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Karen Singer said...

You're right, both poses look very natural and relaxed. Good pictures.