Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pre-Labor Day Dressing, Part Two

Well, the day didn't go exactly as planned. Just before noon, I got a phone call that required an errand this afternoon...but I still managed to get in a second outfit and photo session. I hope to do better on Thursday.

This is the second of the new dresses from Kmart. I didn't realize how short this one is until I looked at the pics...and discovered my stocking tops showed in every one! (They don't anymore...I did a judicious editing to make them disappear.) Perhaps a less generous bosom would make the hem hang a bit lower!

Accessories are silver jewelry, nude hose, and the new charcoal gray fabric pumps. Here's a close-up of those:

I think the next time I wear this...in a month or so, maybe...I will dress it up with the pink scarf and the pink pumps.

More pics on Flickr, more to come on Thursday.


Karen Singer said...

Wow, that dress is short, but probably a lot of fun too. It does look like a pink scarf would be perfect for it. The green dress looks like a great all around dress for any occasion.


Pretty Sissy Dani said...

Yeah--it is a lot of fun...but I have to think about what I can wear with it....Hmmm--maybe the pink thigh-highs?

And the green dress is great, though I wonder if it's a little close in style to the other jersey knit dress I have (though that has a polo collar).

Wait 'til you see the dress from Burlington tomorrow--I think it's truly elegant.