Thursday, January 21, 2010


...managed to find time to dress and take pictures today! Hurrah!

First up is this very June Cleaver shirt dress, with buttons all the way up the front and a tie belt. It's from Target's Merona line.

Accessories are black hairband, pearl, black and silver jewelry, white hose and black chunky heel pumps.

Oh--and I may have figured out why so many things I bought earlier this month were too small...I'd made my boobs too big! Last time I filled the balloons, I must have overdone it. I worked it out when I tried this dress on--it's an XXL and it was still too tight across the bust. I knew that simply wasn't possible, so I scrapped the false jugs I'd been using and put together a new set.

More outfits later (though maybe not posted until tomorrow) and additional pics on Flickr.

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