Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Stephanie Stay-Hard

Chapter Three

Steven sat with a dim smile on his face, as he watched in the mirror as Vera removed his curlers and combed out his hair. Though long for a man, it was still short for a woman and came out in a kittenish bob.

"Oh, how cute you look, Steven!" his wife exclaimed.

Steven glanced at her reflection in the mirror, confused. "Who's Steven?" he asked. "You know my name is Stephanie!"

Sue grinned and giggled. That fast, she thought to herself. "Yes, of course, you are, sweetheart! My tongue got a little tied, that's all...."

By now, the comb-out was done and Vera spun the chair around. "No looking for this next part, Stephanie!" she declared, as she rolled over her tray full of cosmetics. She began work with foundation, then moved on to eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara, giving the new girl a sophisticated, sultry look. Then came blush, applied heavily, to give the appearance of constant embarrassment at her new-found femininity. And last, came the lipstick.

Vera spoke softly to Steven, dropping him back into trance. "Red lips are always the last part of your transformation, Stephanie. You love the taste and color of lipstick...feeling it applied to
your lips drops you back into trance, ready for new instructions and arouses you, too, making you ready for whatever additional turn-on your mistresses prepare.

"....back in trance...aroused...." he murmured in response.

Steven drifted in trance as Vera and Sue consulted further. "She's ready to go now," Vera told her sister.

"Aren't we going to dress her in women's things?" Sue asked.

"Not yet...she's not ready. Besides think of the arousing embarrassment for her, to be paraded around town with curly hair, fully made-up, and still in male attire, flat-chested and all!" Vera stopped to think for a bit. "Here's an idea--take her shopping this evening...just like this. Have her pick out what she'd like to wear!"

"You are that what you did with Tiffany?"

"Oh, no--I had definite ideas about what kind of girl I wanted my son to be...most especially something that would annoy his father, my ex-husband!" Vera explained.

"Will you join us on our little shopping expedition?" Sue asked.

"That should be just between you two, I think," Vera replied. "Oh, but there's one more thing I have to do with Stephanie before you leave."

She turned back to the still-entranced man-woman. "Stephanie...from now on, when you hear the words stiff as a board, you will immediately have a massive erection--one you cannot get rid of. Only a real woman can relieve you of it, by riding you to orgasm herself. Only when she comes will you come.
And that is why you are Stephanie Stay-hard."

Vera grinned at her sister. "You ought to have fun with that, I think!"

"Indeed! Wake her up, will you...we have a long night of shopping ahead of us!"

Vera spoke to Steven, now Stephanie. "Wake up, sweetie! Time to go!"

The transformed man's lovely eyes fluttered open and saw his new face for the first time. "Oh, thank you, Miss Vera--I'm beautiful!"

Sue smiled. "That you are,, hurry up. We have shopping to do!"

More to come

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