Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Reporter Goes Femme

Believe it or not, this is the cover story on the Philadelphia Daily News today:

Pumped up...and ball-gowned too, my day as a cross-dresser in A.C.

... I found myself in a Boardwalk Hall dressing room last Thursday afternoon being feminized by Millie Tate, owner of Millie's Jewelry in Ventnor City, and, apparently, a favorite among Shore transvestites.

As she started the 90-minute or so process by shaving my chest (so my gown would lie smooth) Tate - whose husband, "Louise," has been a public cross-dresser for years - noted that male transvestites are typically straight, not gay.

Among the dozens of men she's worked with, there have been "judges, lawyers, boxers and hockey players," all of whom were heterosexual, she said.

Reporter Chuck Darrow will be chatting with the public about all this at 11AM ET today, and I intend to look in on that chat. And here's a video recording his transformation:

The chat archive can be viewed here.

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