Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Stephanie Stay-Hard

Chapter Two

Vera led the mesmerized man back into the main area of the shop and to the line of old-style dryers. She sat him comfortably in a chair and lowered the dryer over his head. Flipping a couple of switches, she stepped back to observe the happy, mindless smile that developed on his face.

"Will he really enjoy being a woman?"

Vera turned to face her sister. "Yes, Sue, my techniques are very effective. By the time he leaves here today, your husband will be Stephanie, not Steven...and I guarantee he'll beg you to come back every week for further treatments." She took her sister's arm and escorted her to the office. "Right now, there are special subliminal messages being fed to his mind under the 'white noise' of the dryer. They reinforce the changes I've already made...for instance, they make him absolutely love the idea of having his hair done. He'll wake up with a hard-on."

At that moment, the pretty little receptionist stuck her head in. "Excuse me, Mom...hi, Aunt Sue! Mom, I have to leave right now or I'll be late for my dance lesson."

"Of course, Tiffany, you go right ahead. I can handle things here," Vera replied.

"Thanks, Mom. Aunt Sue, I can't wait to see how Uncle Steve turns out..."

"With any luck, he'll be your Aunt Stephanie the next time you see him, honey. Have a good time." Vera turned her attention back to her sister. "But, tell me, Sue, what prompted you to transform Steve now? I've been after you for years to let me at him."

"Truthfully, Vera?" Sue said. "It was seeing what you accomplished with Tiffany--when I saw how you turned your rough-neck son Timothy into that darling girl, I knew I wanted the same thing for my hubby."

Meanwhile, out in the salon, the subliminal messages continued to bore their way into Steven's waiting psyche:

You are Stephanie are a male lesbian, devoted to looking feminine and using your body to serve your wife...anything that increases your femininity arouses love having your hair love having make-up done for want to have a feminine figure...

The messages were just ending their tenth go-round as Vera and Sue walked back up to the dryer. "He should be dry--and thoroughly brain-washed--by now," Vera said. She lifted the dryer from his curler-covered head and Steven's eyes fluttered open.

"Oh, Vera...and Sue! You didn't tell me you were coming!"

"I wanted to see how you turned out, dear," Sue answered. "You look absolutely darling in those curlers."

"Yes, it's odd, but they seem incredibly sexy to me, too!"

"I can tell," Sue replied, running her hand over his engorged cock under his pants. Steven squirmed in response.

"That's enough of that!" Vera chided. "Stephanie, come over here to my styling's time to take out those curlers and finish your makeover."

Obediently, Steven rose from the chair and went in the direction Vera indicated. Sue was amazed. "He's already mincing and wiggling like a girl," she whispered to Vera. "That's nothing--wait until you see him in a pair of six-inch heels!"

More to come

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