Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Successful Shopping

Over the past week, I have made several shopping trips to find new additions to Dani's wardrobe. All have been, in one way or another, quite successful...both in finding attractive clothes and in not spending a fortune doing so.

The first stop was Target, always a fave place for finding inexpensive but classy looking outfits. I found two dresses there:

The first is a lovely belted dress in a zebra print. I've also bought a set of chunky black jewelry that I think will go well with it. The second is a blue cowl-neck sweater dress.

That same day saw a trip to a place I've often browsed but never been successful at. It's a chain called "The Shoe Dept."...generally, I've found their stuff to be a little cheap looking and over-priced to boot. And they rarely carry large sizes. But this time I found two pairs of shoes from a maker called Dollhouse. Unfortunately, I can only find one of them on the website. The other is a pair in black with a very sexy metal heel.

Next came a trip to Burlington Coat Factory, where I found a very nice jacket and skirt combo: the jacket is bright red, the skirt is a red-black-white print. No photos anywhere of this one.

That same day featured a visit to Bliss Avenue, the chain of sexy lingerie stores. I decided to screw up my courage and try to get one of their inexpensive corsets. The salesgirl was incredibly helpful and encouraging, but--sad to say--the ones that fit didn't really do much figure-shaping, and the ones that might have didn't fit. I also asked about some of their fetish shoes...but larger sizes have to be special ordered.

Today was the real winner. Kmart had a number of items I'd looked at in the past on sale. First was a very classy suit, sold as separate items:

Next was a terrific pleated skirt and a nice straight skirt in white with pin stripes. No pictures of the second one, but it features big buttons and a belt. Also found there were two new blouses from the Lee Riders line--one in hot pink and one with pink stripes. I like this style because it's specially designed for "full-figured" girls and doesn't gap over the bust line.

Unless things radically change, I'll begin showing this stuff off tomorrow.

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